As kids, we all had a vision of what we wanted to become when we grew up. We all have role models whom we look up to and somewhere desire to be like them. Often, this influences our career choices. But have you ever wondered — do we become like them? Does life take us to a route of a profession that we dreamt of pursuing? The answer is seldom a No, as not many choose a path of childhood heed. The challenging days of existence shape you each day and make you take an adapted course. It also structures your personality, aptitude, attitude, and interests, essential in determining a career.

Ø  Step by step guide to choosing the right career for yourself

A career is an important phase in every human’s life. This chapter is dominant because a person will spend decades living with the profession chosen. Therefore, one must be very keen on the selection process. It should not only be a mode of survival, but it should give you happiness and satisfaction. How do you decide that? It requires reasoning and a series of small decisions in concluding. Often, selecting a career choice becomes more challenging due to social influences. The crux is to stay focused. Here are some steps to guide you in picking a career without falling astray:

o   Assessing yourself: The first and foremost stair in sorting out career choices is to know yourself. We all have different lifestyles and characteristics that make us unique. These factors play a crucial role in determining a career. Asking some questions can help, such as: What are your interests? What do you want to be? Where do you look at yourself ten years from now? What is the number of years you are willing to spend in education?

o   Inquiring and researching: After evaluating yourself and narrowing some options, it is crucial to ask others about the career pathways you are looking at. It will give an idea, as everyone will have dissimilar viewpoints. Acquire clarity and knowledge about a profession. Exploring and pinpointing the vocation, university, duration, education, and financial options will help plan a career path.

o   Compare: Once you sort out some occupations and institutes, the next step that comes — differentiating. List expenses, time, programs, the future scope – the answers can help you collate your finalized alternatives. It will taper your possibilities and help you come closer to the solution. If you are looking for a way out to study abroad, many countries (and universities) welcome international students and assist them in all possible ways. Look at the top international leading courses and fields that promise bright prospects. Often a degree from a university abroad brings higher returns and varied opportunities.

o   Choose a renowned and recognized institute: Preferring a course at any level is not just based on interest alone. Accreditation of the organization offering your favored plan is also a dominant factor that needs to be taken care of while choosing a career. For instance, when considering a flight training school, FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) approval is essential. Hillsboro Aero Academy is a pilot training academy ranked for its expertise in shaping pilots and promising them bright careers. Through personalized mentoring and instructions, they ensure students’ excellence in flying and also aids in financing and placements.

o   Money Matters: Education today is often beyond one’s affordability. How to strike a balance between your dreams and reality, you wonder? Today, great financing options are available for students. Such flexible credits aid your career growth.

o   Dedication: After finalizing the walk of life, focus and dedication will take you forward. There will be times when you might feel overwhelmed. At that point, it is recommended to gather courage and patience and move forward. It will not be easy to excel in any path without determination.

Well, there’s still more! Your initiative and proactiveness will help you score and thrive. An outstanding professional curve is an essential factor in mapping out your career. No career is disagreeable. What you need to pinpoint is which one stimulates you. Only when you love what you do, you shall be able to excel. When you are happy and thriving, earnings and accolades follow suit (without even trying much!). Now you know why we harp on saying – You are the best career counselor for yourself!