A product manager needs to be involved in the technicality, design, and business of your products. You’re required to comprehend all related matters to make sure that the team is heading toward the right direction.

From presenting the idea to the group to managing the product development and publishing, each step requires your certain amount of attention. Speaking of which, being able to work with a fully-featured mockup tool that can help to demonstrate your ideas, realizing the interfaces, and freely interact with prototypes will make your work a lot easier.

And for those who are working on a budget, you can totally go for the many free mockup tools out there. Dive deeper into the following articles to discover the many convenient platforms, which you can get for free, as we explore their many features and applications.

The best free UI mockup tools

Here is the list of a few of the most popular mockup tools, which are all recommended by many product managers. And more importantly, they all come with a free plan, so you can always enjoy the tool and its many features without having to pay.


The cloud-based mockup tool is properly one of the most popular design tools for webs and apps, as it comes with a wide variety of features and design templates that you can immediately make use of. And its convenient collaboration features will make it super easy for product managers to communicate with the team.

The free Starter plan will be available for two editors and offer you a maximum of three products, which should be more than enough for small startups to work on designing their products.

Users can have their complete freedom working with the intuitive and fully-featured design interfaces in Figma, as the app provides you with many tools and templates to work on your multiple designs on the same project.

Feel free to make use of the interactive layouts to have your certain ideas being featured on the canvas. And the beautiful components will make your product mockups a lot more impressive.


And if you’re interested in a simple and minimalistic mockup tool to work on your many ideas of apps and websites, then Wireframe.CC is definitely a great option for the job.

Featuring the web-based mockup platform, you can easily access the tool and make use of its many features on any of your smart devices. And at the same time, the free Basic plan will allow all product managers to freely work on their designs, literally.

Have no troubles making use of the quick, easy, and intuitive mockup tool, as it only requires you to work with your mouse to design the app or web interfaces. Here, the multi-function mouse is fully capable of drawing, designing, moving objects, and more.

Simply use it to have your sketches being featured on the platform. And if you’re using your drawing tablets, you’ll find yourself enjoying Wireframe.CC even more. Just draw your items and add components to the designs to realize them using the web-based app.

You’re also given simple templates to work on your certain designs and to realize the mockup in different platforms.

For product managers, these are everything you need to have the ideas being presented to the team and to work on wireframing them. However, designers will find the mockup tool being quite limited, as it is without many templates, design elements, prototyping features, and other tools


And if you’re looking for a tool that can help to promote team communication and design collaboration, then NinjaMock is certainly a great app.

Feel free to use the different versions of the app on your iOS, Android, PC devices and the web app, so you can continue designing and refining the mock up tool whenever needed.

This makes the platform extremely accessible and allows you to share your projects with any team members. Plus, you can also use the product links to share them with your clients who aren’t even a NinjaMock member.

And of course, the mockup tool comes with a free version where users can only work on their one project with a limit of 200 design elements, which should be more than enough for small projects.

Plus, the fast and efficient design interfaces will let you quickly and effortlessly create your interactive mockups with many enabled elements.


With many intuitive features and accessible design elements, NinjaMock will make a great tool for both wireframing and mockup designing. Feel free to get the free online mockup tool with its Basic plan, where you can enjoy the standard features and unlimited access.

Here, you can enjoy working on the convenient drawing tools for creating your many sketches and designs for wireframing the products. And to help you realize your many designs, NinjaMock will provide mobile users with a variety of different design elements and templates, which you can easily add to your projects.

And when it comes to collaborations, product managers and designers can share their workspaces between NinjaMock users. This makes it a lot easier for working on team projects and managing them as product managers.

However, the free version only offers limited features and tools for working on your designs. If you want to have better wireframes and mockups, you’ll need to pay for the premium subscription, which will unlock more design features and tools.


Featuring the modern interface and many advanced design features, InVision is loved by many product designers for their smart and efficient uses. Here, you can work on both your normal and advanced design projects, using the many premium features.

However, if you’re going with the free individual plan, you’ll find yourself having only a handful of basic InVision tools, which can help you design your simple projects.

Still, the intuitive screen designs with quick features and convenient templates will let you create your comprehensive mockups hassle-free. And its many collaboration features will let you connect with peers in real-time and allow each other to simultaneously work on the projects.

Want more from your free tool?

All the mentioned tools on the list are great for UX and UI designing, especially if you’re a product manager. However, they are all incomplete without their premium subscription, so you’ll likely have to make compromises for your free mockup tool.

But what if you want more from your free tool? Then this awesome platform of Visily is definitely the answer. Right now, the lucky Visily users will have themselves the fully-featured and completely free online mockup tool available on any of their smart devices.

Simply sign-up without having to enter your credit card information, and you can start enjoying the free plan from Visily, which is the only plan that the startup is having. Meaning that you can enjoy all the available features on the platform without having to pay anything.

Here, the design software can help you build the perfect websites, mobile apps, and others, using its many AI-powered features and beautiful templates. Simply enter the tool to start exploring its many features and quickly realize your many mockup ideas.

Not to mention that the free Visily version will have many of its updates available in the near future. So, you’re also signing up for more convenient features, while still enjoying the free pricing.


With convenient features and design options, the mentioned UI mockup tools can always help product managers and their teams to work on their many projects. And thanks to their free pricing, startups will have the option to get their free mockup designs and spend their limited budgets more efficiently.