More often than not, in work or study, we want to change some PDF documents into editable Word records or PowerPoint for introductions or need to change the pages over to PDFs altogether so as not to be altered. You want a couple of supportive PDF converter apps to do these responsibilities. If you are baffled by the wide range of PDF converters out there, you can relax; in this article, we will tell you about the best PDF converter – UPDF Converter for Windows and Mac.

Powerful Features of UPDF Converter

One of the most unique and valuable tools in the market is UPDF Converter. It is a very powerful and helpful PDF to Tiff Converter. It is one of the favorite tools in the market. Here below are some features of this fantastic tool.

1. PDF converter to all editable formats:

UPDF can convert PDF to almost any type of editable document (Word, Excel, CSV, PowerPoint, TXT, HTML, XML and so on), If you want to convert your PDF image to Tiff then here is your PDF to Tiff Converter for you.

The conversion is simple and fast. You can add your PDF files, choose the format, and click the “Go” button to start conversion. It also supports batch conversion and partial conversion. You can add as many PDF documents as possible and convert them at once. You can also convert part of the PDF pages according to your needs.

2. Feature of OCR:

With OCR, you can convert scanned PDF to editable formats, and OCR supports 23 languages. The OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature of the UPDF converter lets you transform scanned PDFs into text, making them searchable and editable.

Furthermore, this procedure aids in the improvement of file-related workflows. Moreover, UPDF Converter OCR can recognize the texts on any images and you will find all the text is extracted.

3. Convert password-protected PDFs:

UPDF Converter can also let you convert a password-protected PDF file into an editable one. If the PDF document is protected by permissions password, you even don’t need to enter the password to unlock it and convert it. If the PDF document is protected by open password, you can convert it by entering the password.

The Pros of UPDF Converter

1. Accurate Conversion:

The UPDF Converter offers a high level of conversion accuracy and supports a wide range of languages. It also converts PDF to Word, PPT, and OCR (scanned or image-based) PDF into high-accuracy editable formats.

2. Same format:

UPDF assures that the content rendered on the converted file is identical to that of the original file, requiring fewer human adjustments after conversion.

Free trial:

This tool gives you a free trial of seven days that will help you to learn more about this tool and all features available in a free trial before buying this tool. Please read the buying guide for Windows and Mac available on the official website of this tool carefully.


If you are looking for a program to serve your work on all transformation occupations of PDF, UPDF Converter is the best PDF Converter for Mac and Windows. (It is available on the Mac App Store). This tool will be your best choice if you search for a strong PDF converter.