A T-shirt is a type of fashion clothing designed to allow a wide range of expressive capabilities. If you wear a t-shirt, the others can immediately see a part of your life. You can easily express your individuality or status through T-shirts. T-shirt custom printing will help you to choose an original style way to show yourself.

But when it comes to custom designs, there are some factors you should consider, but the main thing you should consider is the fabric. So in this post, we will discuss the best fabric you can choose for your personalized print. So let’s start;

Best fabric for custom designs


The term “polyester” encompasses the fiber and the synthetics that are made from it. Today, many common products are made from Polyester, including many fabrics, plastic bottles, carpeting, medical tape, and surgical gloves. Polyester is used instead of “polyethylene terephthalate” because all fiber-forming polymers are not created equally. Some are more crystalline than others, which affects how they work with light. Also, some can be put into textiles but may not be able to be spun into yarns or otherwise formed into fibers.”

T-shirts made from 100% polyester are best suited to sublimation printing instead of direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. This means you can customize the t-shirt with any design without worrying about bleed-through or poor print quality.

Standard Cotton

A t-shirt is a t-shirt, so you’d think, but there’s so much more to it than the fabric. Sometimes t-shirts can look slightly different depending on the material, cut, stitching, and prints. A t-shirt made from cotton will be breathable and soft to touch, and is generally lighter in weight than one made from Polyester or viscose.

Ringspun cotton

Ringspun cotton is a more exceptional composition for very good quality print on request t-shirt production. When cotton is ringspun, the strands are twisted all the more tightly and thinned through the turning system. This results in a stronger yarn and softer feel. It additionally creates a smooth surface that works on the quality of the print.

Combed cotton

This is the place where the impurities in the cotton have been brushed out before being turned. This cycle creates a stronger, softer, and more excellent cotton.

The toughest t-shirt texture composition is, therefore, cotton that is both ring-turned and brushed.

Airlume cotton

You might see the term ‘heirloom’ cotton in the Bella+Canvas descriptions and be thinking about what exactly this implies. They depict it as “the highest quality brushed and ring-turned cotton.” It is spotless cotton that eliminates 2.5x a bigger number of impurities than standard ring-spun cotton through an extensive brushing measure. Long-staple cotton is utilized, which implies fewer stray filaments when the yarn is turned, resulting in an even smoother print surface.

Triband Fiber

A tri-blend texture is — you’ve gotten it — a mix of three different texture types. Triblends are generally half Polyester, 25% cotton, and 25% rayon. They are incredibly soft, a little more stretchy, and often have a vintage look. Although cotton is by and large better for direct-to-garment t-shirt printing, a decent quality tri-blend t-shirt additionally functions admirably, particularly where you are looking for a more cost-effective printing base.