The Korean entertainment industry was thriving before Parasite was awarded the Oscars, but international audiences still think that music or movies are the dominant fields of Koreans in Asia, forgetting that they have a talent.  Another secret gas is Webtoon.

When Webtoons or otherwise known as Manhwa acquired the largest novel reading application on the planet Wattpad, people realized that the ruler of the Asian comic industry is Webtoons from Korea.  Which web has dominated the world at the moment.

Due to many Korean webtoons now being adapted to film, the number of webtoon fans is increasing every single day. To meet the demand of readers, many webtoons apps appear in the market. Here is the list of those:

There is no surprise when is one of the most popular webtoons sites for Indonesian. There are thousands of comics with thousands of titles of genres for you to choose. This site is provided with English, French, Spain subtitles. You can download Webtoon from both CH play and App Store. Besides, you can read via the website.

With a huge number of supported subtitles from English, Thai, Chinese,..Manhwa promise to be the best reading site ever. There are more than 100000 episodes which are updated day by day.  You can download Manhwa from both CH play and App Store.

The nice thing this site has is that history function. With this function, you can review and reread the story which you have ever read, even the last chapters you read. You can also download Freecomiconline from both CH play and App Store.

With the huge collection from Japan, Korea, China also the various genres, and the unique and high quality image display styles, Readfreecomics is a must-read manhwa site for you. You can download MangaToon from both CH play and App Store.

Lightnovel includes various genres of comics and interesting novels. In general, there is no need to log in, however, you still need to pay money for some comics and novels. You can download Lightnovel from both CH play and App Store.

You can download Freewebtooncoins from both CH play and App Store. It has a friendly UI so you can use it easily. There are so many genres on this site. Whatever language you are reading, this site has an auto translate function which can help you even when you are not reading the original version.

If you love to read Webtoon online , let’s find and read Top 10 best manhwa webtoon sites 2021

1 –
2 –
3 –
4 – Manytoon Comics
6 –
7 –
8 –
9 –
10 –

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