With Christmas and the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to shop for your loved ones. One of the hottest cosmetic dental products to hit the market in recent years is teeth whitening trays. These whitening treatments are more advanced and help remove years of teeth stains to restore your teeth to their attractive white state.

The dental cosmetic market has increased over the last 20 years with many whitening products claiming to work fast and effectively. What separates teeth whitening trays from whitening pens, strips, and lights? First, they are custom-crafted to fit just your smile. No one else will be able to use them except you, and because the trays fit directly over your teeth, your smile will receive full coverage of the whitening treatments including the back of your teeth and crevices. Whitening lights, strips, and gel pens typically only whiten the front six teeth and don’t remove the stains on the back of your teeth.

Teeth whitening trays are waterproof and easy to fit into a morning or nightly routine. Everyone has a schedule and most are busy with school, work, or family matters. Whitening treatments shouldn’t compromise your time and that’s why with whitening trays, you’re able to implement them into your schedule smoothly. Most customers who choose to whiten their teeth don’t have the luxury to take time out of their schedule. With waterproof whitening trays, you’re able to whiten your teeth in the shower and go about your day without adding a time block for your whitening treatments. These treatments take 10 minutes which is perfect for showers. Once the treatment is completed, you can wash the trays off and stick them back in the case and keep them in the shower.

Some whitening treatments may cause gum irritation. That’s a common complaint with whitening lights as cheap knockoffs can become defective or dangerous. Whitening trays are designed to incase the teeth and protect your gums from coming into contact with the whitening gel. The gel becomes activated with the touch of your saliva. It will begin to foam up and whiten your teeth erasing years of wine, coffee, tea, smoking, and age stains. With the whitening trays, your gums are protected while your teeth are whitened.

Whitening treatments are mainstream and that means that there are tons of different options. Some of the more high-end whitening treatments can cost over $150. Teeth whitening trays are very affordable at only $70 with SportingSmiles. If you and your partner want to whiten your teeth together there are couple kits that are $110. With the upcoming holidays, if you’re looking to smile more and show off your teeth, whitening trays would be a great gift to yourself or a friend.