Are you looking to get into reading comic books? If this is your first time picking them up, there’s a lot of content that you should consume.

In doing so, you can take in comics that span all genres. Whether it suits your taste or multiple tastes, you’ll never run out of options.

Sound interesting? If so, keep reading below, and we’ll walk you through the best comic books that you need to read.

The Classics

When it comes to comic books, the classics are a great place to start. Marvel comics such as Spiderman, Captain America, X-Men and Avengers are some of the most beloved and have been around since the 1960’s.

DC Comics, such as Batman and Superman, have been around since the 1930’s and are considered some of the best comic books you can find.

Other classics like Popeye, Betty and Veronica, and the Archie comics are great for older fans and are worth checking out. If you have classic comic books, you can check out this selling a comic book collection.

The Iconic Heroes 

Read these iconic characters’ adventures in the best comic books out there. Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man top the list of must-read comics. Batman’s grit and inner turmoil make him a complex hero that is sure to capture every reader’s interest.

Superman’s inspiring moral code and sheer power make him a hero of hope that never fails to inspire. Spider-Man’s wisecracking quips and human problems make him an easy hero to relate to. 

Non-Superhero Comics

Classics such as Calvin and Hobbes, Peanuts, and Octobriana provide captivating stories with witty characters. For those seeking something different, Saga is an excellent choice.

Books such as Love and Rockets, Fun Home, and Sandman Mystery Theatre stand out in the comic book world. They focus more on character development and intersecting plot points than mainstream comics. 

Offbeat Creators and Obscure Titles

The best comic books are often found in offbeat creators and obscure titles. For example, writer-artist Jeffrey Brown took the independent comics world by storm with his autobiographical comics series Clumsy, which follows Brown’s mundane experiences with wry, humorous self-deprecation.

For classic horror fans, the Mignolaverse series, centering on supernatural investigator Hellboy, is full of darkly imaginative tales with howlingly good art — plus all of its related series, titles, and spin-offs.

Art Books

When it comes to art books, there is no denying that comic books are among the best. Comic books are not just exciting stories. They also depict some of the most amazing artwork imaginable.

The level of detail that goes into the artwork often surpasses that of any other medium. Plus, comic books are a great way to boost your imagination and get lost in a wonderful world of your own creation. 

Know About the Best Comic Books

Overall, “The Best Comic Books What You Need to Read” provides a sweeping overview of the various genres, eras, and authors throughout the history of comic books.

From the Golden Age to the Silver to the most recent classics, there’s something for everyone. Go and explore your favorite comic books today, and discover timeless stories and characters for yourself!

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