The Best Collection of Lock Pick Guns is out there. But how do you get familiar with these and get your hands on one? Not through a catalog, not through some magazine, not even through some television infomercial – no, your best bet for the perfect lock picking tool is right here online in this article! With some guidance, any knife maker (or lock-sinker) will be able to find the right tool for the job quickly and easily. 

First, let’s start with some terminology. When it comes to lock pick guns, there are two main types: 

  • Locksmith Grade, and 
  • Pin Tumblers 

In terms of locksmith grade locksmith tools, there are five distinct styles: deadbolt lock pick guns, lock bumpers, pullers, and oblong locks. On the other hand, pin tumblers are defined as locks with bottom pins or bars.

Which one is right for you? 

In general, pin tumbler locks are easier to work with due to the smaller size and the fact that they are more compact. On the other hand, deadbolt locks can provide the greatest security due to their larger size and their consistent height. If security is the concern for you, deadbolts are generally the best choice, though some manufacturers offer tension wrenches with locks as well. As with tension wrenches, the benefits of having both a pin tumbler and a deadbolt in your lock picking arsenal can’t be underestimated.

To clarify further, when it comes to lock pick guns, whether you choose a deadbolt or a pin tumbler, you’re going to have to make sure that you get one with the proper tension. You should go up two notches on the tension wrench. The reason for this is to prevent the gun from going “soft” after being used for an extended period of time (as is common with many brands). On a related note, it’s also important that you get a lock pick gun that comes with a locking bar or catch. A catch can be extremely valuable for locked cabinets, safes, and even back up firewalls.

  • Deadbolt Lock Picks:

Deadbolt lock picks are generally the best lock pick set on the market. Because they are deadbolts, you know that no matter who tries to pick them or where they are, they will be locked shut. The most popular brand among lock pick gun enthusiasts is Cocking Block. This particular brand came out of the military a few years ago and has since gained its place in the community as a quality, durable and affordable lock pick gun. 

  • Pin Tumbler Locks:

Pin tumbler locks are another great collection of lock pick guns. The most popular brand among lock pick gun aficionados is Hammer-Tumbler. Like the Cocking Block line, Hammer-Tumbler locks come in both pin tumbler locks and bottom pins. If you already own a couple of Cocking Block products, you may want to consider a few of these models.

  • Spade Brand Lock Pick Guns:

Last but certainly not least is the Spade brand of lock pick guns. These lock pick guns have gained in popularity over the years and are a great choice for the occasional user or for use by professionals. Spade locks come in both bottom pins and pin tumblers and although there are other locksmith products available that do a better job of picking the lock, some of the competition does offer more lock pick gun selection and features.

Concluding Words:

Regardless of which lock pick gun you choose; it is important that you understand how and why they work. Deadbolts and other locks have an outside edge that locks that use pin tumblers do not; these edges are what enables them to be opened with a standard key or with a universal key. Locks that use one side of the tumbler to hold the other side in place are easier to pick with a standard tool. Make sure you understand all the differences between the types of locks, you may need to use a lock pick gun before purchasing one for home use or for use by your profession.