Vintage outfits become quite a craze among women today as the fashion cycle has brought them back in trend. They are practical and stylish with a feminine appeal making them a favourite among fashionistas. If you are revamping your wardrobe or thinking of adding some vintage style clothing to your ensemble, then a few outfits from the 1940s would be quintessential. 

The popularity of vintage clothing has grown all the more as many famous actresses and models are seen wearing them. Some common vintage clothing style of the 1940s include swing skirts and trousers, knitwear tops, pleated skirts, cropped cardigans in various neck styles, playsuits, siren suits, peplum tops and more.

There are so many options out there, that choosing one of them could be a daunting task. So, to bring down your searching time, we have listed three popular outfits of the 1940s. These outfits are surely going to help you catch the eyeballs.

Cardigan + Ava dress 

Well, winters are here, and you would definitely love to wear something that doesn’t make you feel loaded with woollens yet keeps you warm. So, we have brought to you this style option. You can pick a cardigan of a lighter shade and pair it up with a polka dot Ava dress. But, if you wish to create a striking appeal, then pick up bright colours like red. You can either use the cardigan as a shrug or just wear it to complete the look of your Ava dress. Here are some beautiful vintage cardigans for a perfect outfit.

Cardigans were very popular in the 1940s. Their simplistic yet unique appeal makes them popular even today. These are highly versatile pieces that can be easily paired up with a dress, pencil skirt, A-line skirt, or trousers. You can even add a layer of cardigan under your furry coat.

Team up the Ava dress with a white-coloured cardigan, or you can opt for a cropped cardigan or a knee-length cardigan. We would recommend wearing a plain cardigan instead of prints if you are wearing a polka dress as it will highlight your dress while keeping the entire look subtle. Don’t miss to wear stockings, gloves and a beret to complete the vintage look.

Blouse + Cardigan + Swing trousers 

You would agree that blouses and wide-legged trousers were very popular in the 1940s, and they are back in vogue today. If you are planning to dress up in vintage style this winter, a combination of blouse, cardigan and trousers is going to lend a perfect vintage appeal while keeping you warm. Pair up a 40s blouse in the ivory shade with black cropped short-sleeved button-up cardigan and a 40s style forest green high waisted trousers for that perfect look.

Whether you wish to close the buttons of the cardigan or keep it open is completely up to you. Our recommendation would be button them and leave the upper portion for the blouse to peep out. This will create a layering appeal.  You can even add a jacket if you want. Accessories not only enhance your attire, but they give it a stylish twist too. Adding a hoop earring to your outfit will make it look even better. Complete the look by wearing a peep toe.

Shirt + Cardigan + Skirt

When talking about the 1940 clothing style, how can we miss the skirts. These are again extremely popular, and if you want to wear them this winter, then we have got this style option for you. 

We are ditching the conventional colours of winters and picking up this mustard coloured skirt that looks warm and will also add vibrance to your entire look. You can pair up this A-line skirt with white sailor top and complete the look by adding a layer of cropped dark red cardigan. If you are not fond of vibrant colours, then you can replace the dark red colour with a cropped navy-blue coloured cardigan.

You can adorn any of the discussed three trendiest vintage styles and win loads of compliments. Apart from the outfits mentioned here, use your own creativity by pairing various vintage outfits to get that perfect retro look. 

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