It would be odd to extol the benefits of vaping when it is apparent that using e-cigarettes is not healthy. Yet, when compared to traditional pre-rolled cigarettes, there are some gains to be made by switching over. And millions have chosen to do so.

In 2021, it was estimated that about 55 million individuals were using some form of e-cigarette, and more are starting each year. This is reflected in the increase in global vaping sales.

From 2018 to now, the global sales of vaping products has grown from $15.7 billion to $40 billion.

This growth may come partly from smokers wishing to quit and switching to vape pens as they are seen as a healthier option, and because vaping is more socially acceptable.

Does vaping present any benefits compared to smoking tobacco?

There are no real benefits for non-smokers in vaping, so any benefits can only be derived from smokers. Nonetheless, switching from pre-rolled cigarettes to vape pens could bring some real gains in several areas.

Firstly, there is the sheer choice and variety that is available, plus you can buy vapes from online vendors. Ecommerce vaping stores such as might be less expensive than a brick-and-mortar store as they have fewer overheads, But, even if you buy your vaping products in person, you might find they are cheaper than buying cartons of cigarettes.

Vaping may cost you less

The average cost of one pack of cigarettes in New York is $11.96, while in London, it would set you back the equivalent of $15.41. One disposable vape can cost as little as $5 and equal 40 cigarettes.

However, there are other countries such as Asia where a pack of cigarettes costs just 50 cents and a vape $10 plus.

Vaping smells better than smoking

Fresh tobacco may smell very pleasant to some people, but it is rare to find anyone that likes the smell of ash and stale smoke. The odor is just one of the reasons why people vape instead of smoke.

The smell from the vapor is sweeter and less intrusive, but, that’s just one benefit of vaping, there are also fewer chemicals in vape liquids.

Could be less harmful than smoking

There are advocates for vaping that believe it is a safer option when presented against smoking, and there are others who believe the true dangers to health won’t appear for many years.

What is known, however, is that there are thousands of chemicals in traditional cigarettes, but far fewer in vape liquids. However, to ensure you are getting regulated e-liquids you should only use reputable vendors and avoid possible fake vape juice.

Regular cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals, and the symptoms of benzene inhalation can be unpleasant and include dizziness, tremors, and headaches. 

Unfortunately, vaping also releases chemicals but this happens mostly when vape pens are set to high power.

The levels found in vape pens are lower than cigarettes and tend to be produced only when the devices are set to high power. Therefore, vaping gives you more control over the release of these harmful chemicals.

Understand how much you are smoking

Disposable vapes will advertise how many puffs you can expect to have in the product. And non-disposable vapes will often include a digital counter. This can be useful as a control method when you wish to reduce and cut back your nicotine consumption.

There are steps to take if cancer runs in the family, one of which unsurprisingly is to stop smoking. There are many advocates for using vape pens to help quit smoking. Understanding how much you are actually inhaling may help you to cut back. And over time you can reduce the level of nicotine in the e-liquids you buy until you hit 0%.

Reduced waste and pollution

Cigarette smoking causes air pollution as well as leaving behind cigarette butts that need to be disposed of. Then there is the packaging, and lighters to consider. Yet, some vape pens are not eco-friendly at all.

If you avoid disposable vape pens then you will be producing less waste. This is important to consider as if you decide to use one-use vape pens you will be helping to create the tonnes of landfill waste that comes from disposable devices.


There are zero benefits to vaping if you are not already a smoker, but for those finding it difficult to quit you might find vape pens offer a solution. You should save some money too.

It is probably fair to say that one benefit of vape pens is that they smell far less offensive than cigarettes. But, it isn’t yet clear what the dangers of second-hand vapor might be.

This will no doubt become clearer as time moves on and more studies are carried out.