Did you realise that moving house ranks very high on the list of stressful life events? You probably already know this the hard way if you’ve ever moved. However, you can take measures to ease your mind during the relocation process. One option is to engage a moving company that is a part of AFRA. 

Why is it beneficial to use an AFRA removalist? Read on to find out.  

Who Is AFRA?

The Australian Furniture Removers Association, or AFRA, is something that not everyone has heard of. But it’s a very important organisation for people who want to move.

 Some of the best experts in the moving business are part of this group. It only gives accreditation to moving companies that meet its strict membership requirements. AFRA makes sure that the removal process is safe and easy for customers. They do this by giving member companies rules and guidelines that they must follow to the letter. There are regular audits set up to make sure this happens. 

What Does AFRA Do?

To find a reliable moving company, most individuals look to the world wide web. A customer will look up local businesses and choose one with the best ratings. However, there is no assurance that the reviewers are actual customers, and this might not be the best way to pick a removal company.  

With AFRA, customers don’t have to take that chance. Removal businesses can only get recognised by AFRA after they have put AFRA’s demanding regulations and policies in place in their business. AFRA provides this professional opinion because it is the best approach to determine whether or not a business is legitimate. Customers can have protection and guidance when choosing an AFRA accredited removalist

 AFRA also offers training to its removalists. With this high-quality training, customers can be sure their possessions are in safe hands.  

Benefits Of Using An Accredited Removalist 

There are many benefits of using an AFRA accredited removalist. Some include:  


Member companies must have certain tools that can be used to move all kinds of heavy and/or fragile items. Plus, all of the trucks and equipment must be well-kept and work well. 


Even the paperwork that companies use has to meet strict standards set by AFRA. AFRA is in charge of things like contracts, inventories, price quotes, and more. 


It’s more than just moving boxes from one place to another when you move. To make sure equipment is used correctly and transport is safe, it’s important to know how to use it. To meet their high standards, all of the workers at member moving companies must go through training that has been approved by AFRA. 


It’s important that your removalist company has the right insurance in case something goes wrong while your things are in transit. Make sure to ask about this and figure out if the final price includes insurance or not. It’s better to have this in writing so you can see what the rules are. With an AFRA accredited removalist, insurance is mandatory. 


To get all of these benefits and more, you’ll need an AFRA-certified mover. It is by far the best way to move without a lot of stress and worry about your things getting broken. Your stress during this time can be greatly reduced.