There are many benefits to using a sim card from Sims Direct Travel. First, you get to enjoy very low prices when you call any of the over 200 countries Sims Direct Travel has available. Second, you get free incoming calls and free texts in most of these countries. Lastly, you can use your Sims Direct Travel sim card in any unlocked GSM phone – you don’t buy a new phone so you save money.

Sims Direct Travel offers very low calling rates to over 200 countries.

Sims Direct Travel offers very low calling rates to over 200 countries.

That’s right—you can use your mobile phone to call Sim Direct Travel’s customer service, and it’ll only cost you a few cents per minute. Sims Direct Travel is a great way to call home or friends and family overseas without having to pay for a long-distance plan or pay for international long-distance charges.

Incoming calls and texts are free in most of these countries.

If you’re traveling to a country with a low-cost cell phone plan, you may be surprised to learn that incoming calls and texts are free in most of these countries.

This is because of a network called “International Long Distance Carriers” (ILD), which was created by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in 2012. This group sets rules for what countries can do when it comes to international communications, such as calling or texting. Some countries have their own ILDs and some don’t. But all of them abide by the same rules set by the ITU.

For example, if you live in one country but have family members living in another country, they might use their local ILD instead of the national ILD. This means that if someone calls your phone from their home country and you answer it using your mobile carrier’s phone number, they’ll get charged for the call because it’s coming from an international connection rather than one within their own country’s borders!

You can use your Sims Direct Travel sim card

You can use your Sims Direct Travel sim card anywhere in the world, traveling to any country and back again.

The sim card is compatible with all of the major mobile networks—including T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon—and you can use it for voice calls over Wi-Fi and data connections. The sim card also allows you to use your existing phone number as your phone number when using other countries’ mobile networks. With this SIM card, you’ll be able to travel across the globe and get connected wherever you are. The SIM card comes with a SIM chip that is activated with an activation code, which you can receive at any time from your local dealer. After you have received your activation code, you will be able to use your SIM card anywhere in the world.

The SIM card works anywhere in the world where there is a GSM network, which means that it will work in most places on earth. This includes Canada, Europe, and many other countries around the world.

save money with Sims Direct Travel

If you’re looking to save money on your mobile phone plan, why not try saving some of it with Sims Direct Travel?

With this SIM card, you can save up to 50% off your monthly bill with no contracts or long-term commitments. You’ll also get a free calling credit when you activate your SIM card.

And if you’re looking for a company that’s committed to making sure their customers are happy, we’ve got you covered there too—they’ve been around for over 30 years and have helped thousands of people save money on their phone bills.

So get your SIM card today!

If you’re looking for a new travel plan, why not try Sims Direct?

Sims Direct is a company that offers low-cost cell phone service to travelers. With their SIM card, you can use your phone while you’re away from home. They charge $20 per month, and they deliver the card by mail. So you don’t have to worry about losing it or forgetting it at home!

If you have a prepaid plan from another provider, cancel it and let Sims Direct take over. You can also save money by using their app on your phone instead of using data with another provider.


With Sims Direct, you’ll get the same exact service as if you were using a regular phone service (and with no contracts or hidden fees). But instead of paying for minutes or megabytes, you’ll only pay for the data—and you can use as much of it as your device allows. Because there’s no contract required, this is an easy way to save money on cell phone bills.