A dog may have trouble walking because of an injury, advanced age, or a chronic, genetic condition. You want to act as soon as possible when this happens to your beloved pet. These are some of the many benefits of custom knee braces for dogs:

1. It will take your dog less time to recover after surgery

When your dog has surgery, the brace is an excellent way to speed up their recovery. It allows the knee to heal and scar tissue to develop fully, reducing the risk of recurrent injuries. 

2. It is possible to avoid surgery for your dog in many cases

 Older dogs are often not candidates for surgery, so an alternative method of pain control is needed. It is also common for pet owners to avoid surgery due to the high cost and risk of complications that come with it. The right knee brace can prevent your dog from having to undergo surgery since his or her knee can heal or be managed with support from the brace.

3. Living a healthy, happy life for your dog is possible

 Getting your dog a knee brace is the best way for him or her to restore his or her fun-loving, energetic self. Pain makes dogs unable to be themselves, just as it does in humans. When they wear a knee brace, they feel better right away and over time. 

These benefits cannot be obtained from just any dog knee brace. If you want the best, you need Animal Ortho Care! With our reputable medical products for pets, you can rest assured they are in good hands. With either a ready-to-ship knee brace or a custom-fitted knee brace, your furry friend will be on his way to feeling better in no time at all!

How Long Should My Dog Wear a Brace?

The brace is designed to be worn every day by your dog and is most useful when he is moving around. Your dog’s fur won’t be tugged or irritated by it because it’s comfortable and soft. In order for your dog to maintain good circulation, it is important that your dog has a few times of rest. 

Your dog can wear Healpup all day if he needs to. Wearing it for a long period shouldn’t harm your dog or stop his circulation. For your dog’s comfort, however, the times of rest should always be considered. You wouldn’t want to wear the same compression sleeve every day, would you?

When Should My Dog Wear a Brace?

 Braces should be worn by your dog during the following periods: 

  1. Taking a walk
  2. Exercise/playtime 
  3. Out in the open
  4. Whenever they are in an unfamiliar environment
  5. When they’re with other dogs that aren’t in their household
  6. When Should I Take Off the Brace?

Your dog shouldn’t need the brace during the following times:

  1. Sleep and rest times
  2. In a controlled environment
  3.  Swimming  

The length of time your dog should wear an ACL brace does not have a general rule. There are many factors to consider including your dog’s age, weight, energy level, environment, and where he lives. There are some breeds more prone to it (active puppies and seniors), and some ages more prone to it (older people). Other dogs who prefer naps over playtime may not need to wear it as often as those who race around all day. 

Each dog has different needs, so it all depends on them. 9-year-old Shih Tzus that love to lounge in the sun may not need a brace all that often, but 2-year-old Golden Retrievers may wear it all the time.