Electric bikes have been fairly niche until recently. Even now, there are many people who don’t even know what an e-bike is. If you’ve been considering getting an e-bike, you may well have your doubts. Will you get enough exercise riding your e-bike? And is it worth the money?

A particular point of concern for many people was the lack of e-bike insurance. This is an expensive item that you intend to ride in public. Damage and theft are too high risk to ignore. The good news is that you can now get electrical bicycle theft insurance. By adding it as an extra with scheduled personal property insurance, you are protected in case of almost every eventuality, including any accidents that occur while out riding.

Still, is it worth riding an e-bike or is it a fad that will pass? Here are some of the benefits of riding an e-bike over traditional bikes.

An effective workout you can enjoy

People who ride bikes for the sake of exercise generally assume that e-bikes will not give them the same workout. This concern makes sense, considering that e-bikes have pedal assist. However, the reality is that you get almost the same amount of exercise as you would riding a mountain bike. It feels like less effort, which can make it a much more pleasurable and therefore sustainable activity.

Not convinced? You can read the study carried out by Brigham Young University here.

E-bike riding can even give you better exercise than riding a traditional bike. This is because you’re likely to ride for a lot longer and a lot more often than you otherwise would. Instead of only riding when you feel motivated and fit, you can ride daily across long distances while appreciating the fresh air.

The best driving alternative

For a long time, the benefit of riding a bike to work rather than driving has been extolled by bike lovers. The problem is that for people who aren’t experienced riders, biking is not appealing early in the morning before work. Also, some people sweat more than others after exercise, and may struggle to freshen up before starting work.

Riding an e-bike will still give you a workout on the way to work. However, your perceived exertion will be lower and you should be able to cool down more quickly. The more often you ride your e-bike, the more intuitive and easy it becomes, making it a great way to get to and from work every day. You help the environment while boosting your fitness and health.

Keep up with faster riders

Riding can be a fun group activity, especially if you have friends who enjoy it as much as you do. However, finding a cycling group is tough for those of us who have less experience riding or are less fit. People who have been biking for years are going to ride a lot faster, leaving you alone in their wake.

With an e-bike you can more easily keep up with fast riders. You will be able to stay with the rest of the group without having to push past your limits. Instead of injuring yourself in a bid to keep pace, you can actually enjoy the group experience.

Traverse hills and beat windy days

Traditional bike riders face certain challenges no matter how good they are. There are some steep hills that are just about impossible to traverse on a traditional bike. E-bikes can get you up these hills without you bursting a lung or risking falling over. Another such challenge is a windy day.

While some cities do not have windstorms, windy days are common in others. If you live in a city that faces strong winds on a regular basis, your traditional bike can be rendered useless much of the time. E-bikes can withstand strong winds, making it possible to ride no matter what the season.

There will always be proponents of the traditional bike and they do have benefits, especially if you want to compete. However, e-bikes now have a ton of advantages over traditional bikes for the casual rider.