A gas fire pit can provide an enjoyable environment in the backyard. If you feel your patio space is not as practical as you would like or it feels incomplete, adding a gas fire pit would be nice. However, is the gas fire pit any better than other varieties of the smoke free fire pit? In this article, we will go over the benefits of a gas fire pit.

Advantages of a Gas Fire pit

Adds Style to your Backyard

When you invest in a gas-powered fire pit, the impact on your surroundings will be huge. For instance, gas fire pit tables come at a pub height, akin to coffee and dining tables. The range of styles that gas-powered fire pits offer is better than stone, wood, and other fire pit finishes. 

Accessories like colored glass crystals tumbled lava rock, and realistic-looking logs provide increased versatility and create the perfect look for your backyard.

Better Ambiance

The warm glow from flickering flames adds personality and charm to your backyard space. While artificial lighting, such as bulbs, can offer functional lighting, the natural illumination from gas-powered fire pits has gorgeous results. The gas-powered fire pit can provide you with a comfortable environment when and relaxing atmosphere.

On and Off is Easy

If you think turning a fire pit on or off is tricky, you probably have never used a gas-powered fire pit. You may be surprised that a modern gas fire pit comes with an ignition switch. It doesn’t matter how windy the environment is or if it has rained recently; the pit will light up in a matter of seconds.

Modern gas-powered fire pits come with easy-to-use controls, which will help you adjust the flame’s intensity and heat. Turning these fire pits off is just as easy as turning them on; you just need to push a button.

Adds Functionality

While most gas fire pits are made to provide heat and aesthetics, some fire pits have a multi-functional interface. When you don’t need to use the flame, you can put a cover on top of the pit and turn it into a table. This multipurpose design is perfect for people with limited space or a small patio.

Safer than other Fire Pits

A gas-powered fire pit is probably the safest type of fire pit available. You can keep a gas fire pit in your outdoor living area or an indoor setting. You can enjoy the charm of flying embers and the open flame without worrying about the fire pit causing a fire. 

Since these fire pits are safe to use, you can keep them next to wooden furniture or another feature typically kept away from fire.

Best Venting places for Gas Fire Pits?

If you want to buy a gas-powered fire pit, you should have the venting place in mind. Here are the best possible venting options you can use:

Natural Vent

A natural vent, also known as a B vent, takes combustion air from inside the house and vents out combustion products through a mortar chimney, brick chimney, or venting system installed through the roof. 

Natural vent products often come with a sensor, which can extinguish the fire in case the exhaust gas reverses. However, natural venting products are less efficient than other products, and while they produce great flaming patterns and are cheaper than other products, they lack efficiency.

Direct Vent

These are the safest venting products for gas-powered fire pits. These venting products transfer the combustion pollutants and fumes outside the house through an opening in the exterior or a chimney. Fire pits connected through a direct vent system usually have sealed glass on the front side. 

Most people, who go for direct vent products, have peace of mind because all the pollutants and odors are being vented outside the house, and the air is safe to breathe. Direct vent products are the most popular vents. More than 90 % of gas fire pits are installed with a direct vent system because of their versatility, efficiency, and safety.

As far as the versatility is concerned, you can vent this system through the roof or horizontally. You can also direct vent products almost anywhere, and they are 70 to 85 % more efficient than other venting products.

Power Vent

These are the least popular venting products for gas-powered fire pits. A fan powers this venting system alongside the vent to boost the air exchange. This enables the vent to last longer than usual. Power-vented gas fire pits can be installed in places where it is hard to install fire pits, such as a freestanding wall.

Vent Free

There are over 45 million people around the world that enjoy the convenience and comfort of vent-free gas-powered fire pits. The vent-free hearth products are installed up a chimney or on the house’s exterior. This enables the vent-free hearth products to be placed anywhere inside the house except in bathrooms and bedrooms.

When there is no venting, all the warmth produced by the gas fire pit stays in the environment where the pit has been installed. Vent-free products are around 99 % more efficient than other venting products. Without a venting system, the pollutants from the combustion air stay in the room where the fire pit has been installed. 

Vent-free products are cleaner than other venting products, producing a higher air quality. These products come with sensors that will turn the system off if the oxygen levels in the environment become unsafe.

How Costly is a Gas Fire Pit?

There is no correct answer to this question because the cost of the fire pit depends on different factors. However, the good news is that gas fire pits are cheaper than other fire pits, even if you use them regularly. Here are some factors that you will need to consider:


The more gas the fire pit consumes, the higher will be the operational cost of the pit. When you are looking to buy a gas fire pit, you should have a clear idea about how you will use it. Will you be using it for large parties or to roast marshmallows? Pick the size that makes sense for you and fits your requirements.

Energy Rates

The energy rates will have an impact on your bill. Natural gas prices currently are low, but these prices can rise over time. You should also consider how you use gas. Do you use it to fire the pit or other applications such as an oven? If you don’t use natural gas for other purposes, your operating costs will be extremely low. 


The more regularly you use the gas fire pit, the higher the costs. However, this will probably won’t lead to a big increase in the bill, and the total costs should still be less than $ 30. Please remember that natural gas is environmentally friendly and cheaper than other energy sources.


This article discussed the benefits of installing a gas fire pit. There are many advantages to installing a gas-powered fire pit, and it is also cheaper than other fire pits. We also discussed the best venting places for gas fire pits. Lastly, we went over how costly are gas fire pits, and while they can increase the gas bills, the increase won’t break the bank.