When it comes to the makeup game, eyeshadows are an integral part. One thus needs to know how to apply them properly. One also needs to choose the right colours as per their skin tone and keeping in mind the time of the day they are applying it and the occasion for which they are applying it is also very necessary.

Applying makeup to the eyelids with the help of some vibrant pigments can be the best way to keep away the dull look. One can thus pick some revolution eyeshadow palette of they want to sport a bold look or can go for a softer shade if they want to keep their look subtle.

Here are some varieties of eyeshadows from which one can choose:

Cream Eyeshadow

They are the ones that have intense colour and that is why this particular variation of eye palettes are really popular among makeup enthusiasts. They do have a kind of shimmery finish and they also blend really well. One can easily apply cream eye shadows with the help of the eye shadow brush. One can also be a bit experimental and, mix 2 or more 2 colours so that they can easily go for a statement look. But when the weather is hot, it is a good idea to avoid those creamy eye shadows because in this weather it can go for a meltdown only in a few hours.

Powder Eyeshadow

This is the most common eye shadow and hence it is used by everyone as well. In fact, if one is up for regular makeup and they do it for every occasion, then this is the perfect variation for them. They are easy to blend, and one can buy them in a dual or a quad palette. Powder eye shadows can help one to experiment with multiple finishes. One can choose the matte palette in order to create their everyday look and for some special occasions, the shimmery eye shadows work really well. One can apply them easily with fingertips but applying it with a brush gives a smoother finish.

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Liquid eyeshadow

These eye shadows come in a sleek tube and applying them is super easy. One can use the liquid ones as the base to the eye lids and they are believed to be a great makeup trick. But like the creamy eye shadows they tend to crease faster. One can use a liner brush to apply them or can use a fluffy wand as well.

Loose powder pigments

Glitter and metallic eye shadows are the ones which can belong to this category. They come in sparkling and shimmer bottles and one can always apply them to create a very bold and dramatic look. Before applying any glitter shadows, one has to apply a thin eye primer on the lids so that the makeup stays longer.

Apart from eye shadows, one has to be particular when it comes to choosing foundations as well. Wet n Wild photo focus foundation do have different shades to choose from.


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