Smoking out of a water bottle is a great way to save money on bongs. Water bottles are durable, easy to clean, and don’t hold smells. While this method is unsafe to use regularly, it is an effective solution in a pinch. It is also inexpensive and simple to make.

Easy To Clean

The water in a bong naturally filters the smoke and cools it down before it reaches your lungs. This makes hits smoother and less likely to trigger coughing fits. Changing your bong water regularly is important to ensure the best possible filtration. To clean a bottle bong, pour the old water and add rubbing alcohol and coarse salt. Rubbing alcohol is mildly acidic and helps break down sticky resin, while salt is abrasive to help scrub away the residue. Rinse well and repeat as needed. You can also use a commercial bong cleaner to speed up the cleaning process. 

Easy To Transport

Whether you’re traveling, hiking, or just running out of bongs – every cannabis enthusiast comes across a moment when they don’t have any smoking accessories. In these moments, you need to be prepared to improvise.

This is where the water bottle bong can come in handy. It is a small, portable, and discreet bong that can be used anywhere. It is easy to make and uses the same principle as any other bong.

You need a large plastic water bottle, a lighter, and aluminum foil. The bottle becomes the body of the bong, while the opening becomes the mouthpiece. You can also use a long, empty pen as the down stem. You must remove the tip from the pen, leaving the long, empty plastic tube behind.

Easy To Light

In a pinch, water bottle bongs provide a convenient and discreet way to enjoy cannabis. However, they’re not intended to be permanent, repeat-use smoking tools. They also pose a few safety risks because of the potentially toxic plastic fumes they release when heated. To make a water bottle bong, find a clean plastic water bottle. The standard 17-ounce size works best. You can also use a soda bottle, but washing it thoroughly is important.

Next, cut a hole in the side of the bottle that’s just big enough for your downstem to fit through. Then, fill the bottle with water until it’s about an inch below the meeting point of the stem and the base. The water will help to filter the smoke and cool it before it enters your lungs.

Easy To Smoke From

Water bottle bongs are a fun and easy-to-make alternative to a traditional pipe. They can be made from any standard-sized plastic bottle rinsed out thoroughly. You will also need a lighter, a toothpick or needle for poking holes, a small bowl, and some foil. You can use a hollowed-out pen tube as the stem or create your own.

First, poke a hole toward the top of the water bottle using your pin or needle. This will be your carb hole. Fill the bottle about halfway with water. When you smoke, the water will filter and cool the smoke down your lungs. This will make it easier to inhale. It also helps prevent harsh chemicals from getting into your lungs.

Easy To Store

Stoners have a reputation for being ingenious when creating makeshift smoking tools. The water bottle bong is a perfect example of this ingenuity. It’s easy to build, cheap, and portable. Plus, it uses materials that most people have lying around the house. Start with a clean, empty plastic water bottle. Then, remove the cap and drain out any excess water. You can also use a soda bottle, but clean it well. Grind your weed using a grinder or innovative method, then pack it into the foil bowl. Add ice water to prevent the bud from burning and creating a smell. Make a hole in the side of the bottle about the size of a pencil.