It’s 2021, do you really need to color code your filing system? Is it even worth it to tuck away documents in a filing system that includes every color of the rainbow?


Now more than ever, the files we do keep at home or in the office are the most important files we own. Whether it be bills, government documents, or ownership titles, keeping the important information organized with an indexing system is essential to maintaining productivity with peace of mind.

Similarly, offices with thousands of files need to have an extremely efficient way to manage and locate documents.

We want to show you why. Read on to learn about how color-coded filing can simplify your life at work or at home.


Imagine going to the grocery store but finding every item on the shelf was in black and white. How could you possibly try to locate the items on your list with the same speed?

We use color all throughout our day to help sift through information and find what we are looking for faster.

Files can be organized using color-coded labels in a variety of ways. Systems may organize files alphabetically, numerically, or by their last digit or letter. Colors can make all of this information available to the user in a snap.


The cost of filing systems in the workplace is not primarily the cost of equipment or supplies.

Studies have shown that 80% of the cost of using filing systems is in the time required by employees to locate files. In other words, the most expensive part of office filing systems is in time spent searching for files.

Color coding files makes this process significantly more efficient. It also becomes much more cost-effective considering labor costs!

Employee Attitudes

Having a clear and efficient color-coded indexing system set up with materials from companies like Tabshop makes life better for employees. Instead of running around trying to find a needle in a haystack, filing assistants will know where to look right away.

This of course saves time and resources, but also leads to happier employees.

Better Management of In-Circulation Documents

For companies with large quantities of rotating documents, having an identifiable pattern with color-coding is essential. Bar codes or RIFD technology simplifies the process for filing managers.

But these employees will still have to use visual abilities to identify and pull files from their stored location. Enter the color-coded system.

Color-Coded Indexing Systems Make Sense

Having a color-coded indexing system in your home or office greatly reduces inefficiencies.

It will allow your employees to spend their time most effectively. Rather than spending most of their retrieval time in a headache trying to identify files, they will be spending more time with customers and helping the business run efficiently. This saves time, money, resources, and morale. It also eliminates misfiles and increases productivity.

All of these advantages apply to the home office. Keeping track of documents in your estate or affairs at home can be a challenge with years and years of important information. Color coding provides the perfect solution.

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