Are your current customers complaining about your poor phone systems? Do they find it hard to reach you on call? Is such feedback frustrating you? Please do not give up. A business Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service is what you need to turn the situation around and increase customer satisfaction. 

This article will show you some of the benefits you will enjoy once you start using this service. You will benefit through:

  1. Reduced Costs

The traditional landline phone system required high initial costs to incorporate into your business. These costs included the need to purchase much equipment just for one landline to work, making it quite costly to serve your whole business. Desk space was needed, which could otherwise serve another purpose. Every single phone call got charged even if it was within your company, with international calls being expensive to make.

 However, the narrative has changed along the introduction of the business VoIP service that saves you much money. You are no longer required to buy endless equipment or need extra space. With VoIP, you only need to have a strong internet connection and an IP phone to get started. For charges, you will require to pay for a subscription that often charges a given rate per user, per month, and in return, you get unlimited calls (depending on the package.) This system also offers no charges for calls made from one computer to another within the same VoIP system; only you are charged for calls made from a desktop to a landline, which saves quite some money. The rates are much lower for international calls, with some VoIP providers not charging any extra cost for them. 

Businesswoman Hand Making Landline Telephone Call Pressing Button

You can invest the saved money in other aspects of your organization for more growth.

  1. Increased Flexibility

VoIP services allow you to make your business calls from anywhere, including remotely, without necessarily being in the office, as was with the landline phone system.

If you are not reachable, the system sends voicemails to your email, where you can listen to them when you are available, as well as allowing call re-directing to a colleague who is present.

  1. Increased Productivity

VoIP allows your team to multitask as they work, such that they can be on a call and simultaneously share documents and write emails on the same platform. It saves your team much time and allows them to execute more tasks within a short period.

During peak hours, with many clients calling simultaneously, there’s a high possibility of ‘line busy’ responses, which can be frustrating to clients, prompting them to call other available companies, which is a loss to you. But with VoIP, customers can talk to an agent even if work is at its peak with the calling features provided. Also, you reach as many customers as possible, increasing sales and returns, which is every core purpose of organizations. 

VoIP systems are easy to fix if an issue rises, unlike the landline system where you have to stop operations and call in a technician who takes forever to get to your office. With VoIP, issues can be dealt with remotely, reducing the amount of downtime your company experiences.

  1. Increased Scalability

Most businesses tend to grow over time, with no exception to yours. Therefore, it’s essential to have systems that will grow with you. 

VoIP is an example of such a system. As your need for more employees rises, you don’t have to worry about purchasing more equipment or renting more office space. All you have to do is call your provider and increase your users and provide you with more lines. Also, with the flexibility of VoIP, you can have some of your team members working remotely without affecting the productivity levels of your business.

VoIP also allows your small business to reach a broader customer base. With the low rates for making international calls, you can get new international clients and serve them efficiently without needing to invest much money to make it possible. 

Alternatively, if you only served a specific region at the start and you now want to expand your reach without having to set up another physical office, inform your VoIP provider to make it possible. Your provider will get you a new VoIP phone number with the new location area code, allowing you to reach clients in that area in your old office location. There is no limit to how much your business can grow with such a feature.

  1. Better Customer Service

The VoIP system has taken customer satisfaction to the next level. Your customers can opt for a self-service system, which VoIP provides through its automated attendant’s feature, that takes the client through a step-by-step procedure for them to get a particular service.

Your clients also get more or less 24/7 customer support. This is enabled by calling features, such as call re-directing and voice messages sent via email, where the client acquires a response whether your team is available or not. It is much better than a customer calling and getting no response from your company. 

With such features in place, your clients get fast and efficient services, creating a good reputation for your organization.


As seen, there are various benefits associated with the use of VoIP for businesses. With that said, do not be left behind; incorporate VoIP in your business and take it to higher heights. 

However, remember to choose a provider whose VoIP services suit your business and meet all its needs as it allows for efficiency.