We all start our fitness journey somewhere, and more often than not – we begin by being confused and misinformed. This really makes it difficult to achieve our goals (whatever they may be) and can discourage us from continuing. I know that I’ve quit the gym too many times because I thought that exercise wasn’t working for me and that I wasn’t losing weight. That all changed the moment I started listening to a fitness coach. 

What Does A Fitness Coach Do?

There is a lot of fitness misinformation that is widespread on the internet and mass media in general. A fitness coach can help you learn proper form, as well as guiding you in the best ways to achieve your fitness goals. They can even teach you how to use squat rack, or any other confusing equipment. More often than not, you’ll find that you aren’t using gym equipment correctly and effectively. Don’t assume that because a workout routine was perfect for your friend (or a few), that it will work for you. A fitness coach known enough about how bodies work to give you a personalized routine that is more likely to get you the results you want.

Fitness Coach Vs. Personal Trainer

You might be tempted to get a personal trainer, either because you assume that they are the same or you might have thought that personal trainers offer more. However, a personal trainer’s job is to incentivise you to work out – nothing more. They don’t usually keep up with accurate information, nor can they tailor a personalized routine for you – despite their job title. A personal trainer’s job is purely about morale – so they’re better for people who just need someone to keep them on track. A fitness coach is the better option because they will listen to your needs, train you, teach you, and keep you determined.

Every Body Is Different, And Everyone Has Different Needs

As we’ve previously mentioned, what worked for your friend doesn’t necessarily have to work out for you. It’s best to get a personalized workout routine that takes into account your fitness goals, the particular of your body (weight, height, body type, etc.), your diet and lifestyle, and much more. Fitness coaches are able to use all this information you give them and guide you better. This is especially important if you have any unusual requests or if you think that your body needs something different. For example, if you have had a previous injury that could impact your workouts, a fitness coach can help you work around it without impacting your results too severely.

There is no reason to start your fitness journey with misinformation and find yourself quitting yet again. Most gyms nowadays have a fitness coach available for free, so go ahead and ask for their advice before you start your fitness journey. You never know what myth you’ve been following for years that they can debunk for you. There is no better way to get results than to hire a fitness coach – so don’t hesitate.