Black Friday and Boxing Day sales may be long gone, but that doesn’t mean that your shopping season should come to an end. The winter season is the best time to shop for specific items that go on sale at this time. 

If you’re looking to get the best deals or find the best selections, then you need to know when the right time comes to hit the malls. Here are the four things that you should be staying on the looking for during the winter season:


You might think that Black Friday or Boxing Day are the only times of the year when you should buy a new television, but that may be bad advice. Due to the fact that the national consumer electronics show occurs in early January, most of the year’s newest models of every type of electronic product are introduced at this time. 

Once the new models are introduced, all of the leftover stock from the previous year is suddenly less desirable. Consequently, stores in your area are more likely to put these items on sale to ensure they sell. Given that many of the electronics sold on Black Friday and Boxing Day are often made of lower quality to reflect the low prices of those big sale dates, you will likely end up with a better-quality product by waiting for post-CES sales. 


The availability of fresh fruits and vegetables may be limited in winter in your area due to the need to ship everything during the colder months, but that also means it won’t last as long. The lack of availability and need to ship produce means that food stores need to move these items fast before they spoil. 

The result is that you can almost always find great sales on produce during the winter, so you shouldn’t shy away. After all, with the rising costs of food, who couldn’t use a break? 


You aren’t likely going to find sales on jewellery for Black Friday. That’s because any month that includes a holiday that requires gifts is a big time for jewellery buying. This means that during the months that don’t include gift-giving holidays, jewellers are forced to create sales to encourage more sales. While most of the winter is an excellent time to buy jewellery, don’t forget that February includes one of the biggest jewellery  giving holidays of them all: Valentine’s Day. 

Summertime Items

While certain summer items are more difficult to find during the winter months, they are also harder to sell at this time. That means that when you do find summer items still in stock in the middle of winter, they’ll likely be offered for a great deal. The trick is to start planning a few summer activities now or think about what items you currently don’t own or need replacing. 

When you’re looking for the best sales at any time of year, you can also check a website that specializes in providing information on the best local shopping in your area.