Your kitchen cabinets have a good impact on your household. They depict the elegance and taste of the inmates. However, there are many cabinet styles on the market. Each design supports the overall theme of your kitchen. In this case, J&K cabinets have many such options in cabinet styles. You can choose the one which suits your lifestyle.

Moreover, whatever style you pick is going to have specific cabinet designs. Therefore, you should select the features by following a theme. Similarly, from traditional to modern to country style, each one has some looks. So, you can choose from popular cabinet styles. It will enhance the look of your kitchen.

The list of most popular cabinet styles will help you make the right decision. These ten styles are most common:

  1. Traditional
  2. Shaker
  3. Contemporary
  4. Rustic 
  5. Country
  6. Slab style
  7. Glass front
  8. Craftsmen style
  9. Louvered
  10. Open-shelving

1- Traditional:

If you love details in feature cabinets, go for a traditional style. It features raised panels with bead-style knobs. Also, it has a frame. The drawer fits into the frame. Similarly, this style has typical wooden cabinets. You will find traditional style cabinets in cream, red and brown wood hues. Also, you will see inset frame doors. Opt for this style to have a decent-looking kitchen.

2- Shaker:

This style of cabinet showcases simple and clean kitchen cabinets. You can get flat panels and simple hardware. Also, the shaker style makes use of subtle hues. Similarly, it includes neutral, gray, white, and aqua blue colors. Furthermore, they give a modern look to your kitchen. If you want to have a casual yet stylish look, choose shaker-style kitchen cabinets. It is quite popular among homeowners.

3- Contemporary:

This style is known for its minimalist approach. So, you will see less but perfect storage space. The contemporary style features simple and functional cabinets. Therefore, it is best for a small kitchen. With J&K cabinetry, you can get the best contemporary-looking kitchen. Similarly, it makes use of large-size cabinets with a good storage option. You will see metal, plastic, glass, and concrete material in contemporary-style cabinets.

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4- Rustic:

If you like the look of mountain style, rustic cabinets are best for you. It offers many wood details in its structure. Also, you can find warm colors and matte finishes in rustic-style cabinets. This style is unique and trendy in its outlook. If you are a wood lover, this one is perfect for you. Similarly, it makes use of brass or wood-metal hardware.

5- Country:

Country-style cabinets are like traditional ones. It offers a warm homely vibe. For a farmhouse look, country style is the best option. Moreover, painted wood is the top choice for your kitchen. Additionally, the cabinets feature warm mustard, pale green, and butter yellow colors. Also, it has wooden countertops and framed drawers. 

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6- Slab style:

This style of kitchen cabinetry is simple. Also, it looks ultra-modern. However, it may reflect a contemporary style. But, it is more modern than you think. The sleek style offers beautiful raised panels. Therefore, it has a good storage option. It has a low maintenance appeal. The frameless feature makes it more attractive. So, they have no corners and nooks. Slab style is perfect for an elegant kitchen. 

7- Glass front:

You must have seen this through decades. Glass front door style cabinets can never go out of style. Therefore, it is still popular among homeowners. Glass doors make them the focal point of your kitchen. Similarly, adding lights makes it more beautiful. Moreover, you will see them in upper cabinets only. The display of glassware looks stunning through the cabinets. 

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8- Craftsmen style:

A craftsman’s kitchen will typically use quality materials. More space and fewer cabinets are used in a craftsman’s kitchen. Also, it gives off the look of the furniture. Likewise, it has heavy wood and straight panels. It is a decent kitchen cabinet style with a perfect storage option.

9- Louvered:

This style has furniture base cabinets. Therefore, it gives a free design look to the entire kitchen. And the center countertop looks more like a dresser. Also, it has a decorative style with a wooden texture. Similarly, it looks like a bookshelf. You can use the open shelving for cooking recipe books and magazines. Also, it has a unique island look.

10- Open shelving:

Open shelving is not a typical cabinet style. However, it functions as a cabinet. Therefore, people take it as their quality kitchen cabinets. This style is convenient and stylish. If you want a spacious kitchen, choose open shelving. It also uses vertical wall areas. You can use the open shelves for daily use items. Similarly, it works well with combined cabinets. 


Having a perfect kitchen setup requires a particular style. The cabinet style that you choose reflects your taste in home décor. Therefore, J&K cabinets is the best option to get the desired cabinet style. Similarly, the kitchen design gallery offers many options for door style and material. So, you can get a traditional as well as a country look. Also, the rustic and slab style is available too. Pick the one which suits you better.


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