The launch of mobile apps has made our lives simpler than ever. Over a single tap and click, we can have the whole world unfolded in front of us.  Various jobs are now easy to do because of mobile apps and sending a fax is one of them.

There is no need to own a hefty fax machine, tied with wires, and bound at one location to send faxes. As you roam, you swipe left or right using your fax app, and the fax is sent or received. However, this ease can only be enjoyed once the user will have access to nothing but the best mobile app to fax. 

Top 10 Apps for Faxing from Phone

In the world of abundance, it’s tough for the end-user to make a wise choice. But not when we are helping you out. If you’re on the hunt for a useful fax app for iPhone and iPad or other Operating Systems, here is our list of hand-picked top 10 options:

#1 – CocoFax

With its unmatched security, tons of features, and great usability, CocoFax has grabbed first place in this and many other lists of best fax mobile apps.

The app is available for iOS and Android platforms and is free to use. End-users are allowed to enjoy a 30-days free trial before investing money in the paid subscription.  The paid subscriptions are also very pocket-friendly.

One can send or receive up to 1000 faxes at zero charges on domestic and international faxes. You get a dedicated fax number to initiate the process. The  G-suite integration feature makes operations effortless.  You can send the faxes directly from your email.

The app is properly optimized, consumes less space, and is regularly updated. The user-friendly interface ensures that a novice can send faxes like a pro. In short, there are no hassles involved in using CocoFax. 

It not only allows you to send faxes but makes them legally compliant. One can add signatures, logos, and branding on their faxes, with the help of CocoFax.  In short, it makes faxing easy and professional. Try it once and you’ll have no regrets. You can also get more details about fax via this platform.

#2 – Fax.Plus 

Fax.Plus is a phone fax app that is fully HIPAA compliant and is super easy to use. It’s free to use and can help you fetch the desired documents from multiple cloud storage places. There are no ads to interrupt you.  A scanning facility of the document is also provided. 

#3 – iFax 

iFAx is not a  free fax phone app but it covers almost all the international destinations. So, businesses involved in international business dealing can use this app without any hassle. It’s fully integrated with Dropbox to encourage easy faxing.  

#4 – MyFax 

Enjoy international and domestic faxes at no added surcharges.  Just like CocoFax, you get a dedicated fax number with this app. Faxes of all document formats can be processed with this app. 

It can directly fetch the documents from the device and the cloud storage space. MyFax’s processing is also very quick.  

#5 – MetroFax  

Handle and manage all the incoming and outgoing faxes from a centralized place with MetroFax, It’s suitable for small and large businesses. It’s highly flexible in its pricing and facilities.  It offers a free trial in which sending 500 faxes is possible.  

MetroFax supports multiple document formats. But, it doesn’t allow the end-user to modify the cover format. 

#6 – 

This mobile fax phone turns your fax into a virtual fax machine in no time. It supports 50 countries for free. It doesn’t force you to get involved in tedious registration before using its services. 

One has to pay for inbound faxing. Both Android and iOS platforms are supported by this app. It’s professionally designed and takes a fraction of a second for set-up and installation. 

#7 – eFax

For e-faxing beginners, eFax is the right choice to make. Using this app, one can send/receive faxes, sign on them, and share with others in a blink of an eye. With each app, the end-user gets a new fax number. But, it is free to use only for US users, which is its demerit. 

eFax supports custom faxes by all means.  Its annual fax subscription is very cost-effective. Every month, receiving and sending 150 pages are free of cost. 

#8 – Genius Fax 

Unlike other phone fax apps, Genius fax comes with a postpaid package and allows international and domestic faxing at zero hassle. Countries like Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Israel, India, Portugal, Italy, Hong Kong, and many more are supported by this app. 

All you need to do with Genius Fax is to send or receive a fax is to download the app, complete the set-up, and upload the document.  100% customized is supported. So, no hassles are involved. 

#9 – PamFax 

Whether you use an Android phone or an iPhone, PamFax is here to make international faxing possible and effortless. It doesn’t consume too much time in set-up and installation. It’s very simple to use.

As multiple international locations are supported, businesses of all sorts can have faith in it without any qualms. There are no ads to disturb you. Also, no set-up fee is asked. 

There is no need to give any credit card details for a sign-up. Accessing desired documents for faxing is easy as it can directly fetch papers from places like Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. Try it once and you’ll be able to know its actual worth.  

#10 – FaxFile 

Our last choice is FaxFile, a simple and cost-effective way to do e-faxing from mobile. There is no fax receiving facility with this app. Only one can send the faxes. However, its cost-effective subscription makes it desirable. 

Small businesses can take its help for sure and improve their functionality. The app has a simplified interface and needs no special technical knowledge for using it in full swing.  Cloud storage is supported as well.  It’s worth a try. 

Ending Notes  

In the world of digitization, are you still stuck with the traditional and old-school faxing machine? Try the above-mentioned fax mobile app and enjoy a whole new experience of faxing.  All these, especially CocoFax, have already won many hearts. They are worth a try.