Let’s take a closer look …

In recent times, a variety of new products have appeared on the market with the theme of strengthening the jaw muscles. Yet there are a few who are as safe as they appear. In the following article, I will discuss the reasons why many Jawline coaches are not ready for your life.

Dental Problem

There are two jaw trainers available The most popular jaw trainer is found between teeth, between teeth. The problem is that the incisors are designed to cut food and not solid or solid foods, which means they are not suitable for the great stress of the jaw trainer. Improper use puts excessive pressure on the incisors. This in the worst case scenario could cause serious damage in the long run. JAWLINER however, on the contrary, uses molars to chew. That is why they are perfect in training the flexible jaw muscles.

The problem of TMJ

Studies by Orthodontists have shown that the amount of stress placed on the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) depends on the level at which the mouth opens and closes during exercise. In a situation where the mouth is open and closed wide the TMJ needs to be moved and adjusted periodically. Because the jaw joint is in front of the jaw, and has a straight size, and because the training movement involves opening the mouth wide and closing it completely, the jaw member needs to flex and back under constant pressure training on the jaw. This causes severe aging and fractures. Jaw fractures and aging and tearing of the joint and jaw discomfort are the result. Many dentists have already shared their views on social media.

Since JAWLINERS are found in mummies and do not last very long, the mouth may be slightly closed and open when exercising. The jaw joint is within the normal range of motion, and is able to withstand pressure without problems. When you chew your JAWLINER it is not like TMJ when you chew meat in a tight place. This makes jaw muscle exercises using JAWLINER an easy way to keep your jaw in shape – but not as dangerous as eating solid foods.

Major Certificates

Many jawline trainers come directly from China and other countries. However, it is not known whether health and safety standards were adhered to in production. Because we are a German firm, we have to follow strict guidelines! Our JAWLINER has been tested, awarded and verified many times. All of our JAWLINERS are made of 100% BPA and free German food grade silicone PVC. Our production process is certified by the FDA, and each of our products is regularly tested and certified by a partner, the PICA Institute in Berlin. From 2021 our JAWLINER as our packaging has been tested and approved at the Bavaria Health Office.

Drs. Andrea Jacob

Dr. Andrea Jacob has published an interesting article on YouTube about JAWLINER. He has a great passion for training the jaw muscles alone. However, he insists that he will not recommend JAWLINER in case you are suffering from TMJ pain, jaw problems or any other existing jaw-related condition. We agree. If you are unsure whether a jaw muscle test is the right choice, talk to your dentist.

Why jaw exercise is so important!

The issue of jaw flexion was recognized worldwide by orthopedic surgeon Mew Dr. John Mew and his son Dr. Mike Mew. They believe that the root of many health problems is tooth decay, jaw or very small jaws because today we eat soft foods and do not use enough of our jaws as well as facial muscles. To combat this issue, the two Mews especially recommend strengthening the muscles of the masseter regularly to chew heavy objects. Using their specially developed “Mewing” method, they show you how to change the shape of your face and how to position your tongue properly from an early age.