The guide outlines the SMS From Me scam information as well as alerts users to the latest scam involving text messages.

A lot of users living in the United States are receiving messages from spammers on their mobiles regarding the cost of their service, with “Myself.” The message concerns their most recent month’s bills, and states that the bill was paid. The message also contains the link to claim the gift.

A number of victims have complained about scams via text messages, and have claimed that the texts originate from their personal numbers. The scam targets users from the two companies, Visible and Verizon Telecom.

People on Reddit as well as Twitter are reporting and purchased this scam. text from me scam into the spotlight. Keep reading for more details regarding the scam.

What is a Text Message From Myself Scam?

Text Message from “Myself” Scam is a new type of scam that targets a larger amount of mobile customers across the United States. This scam targets Verizon or Visible Telecom users and claims to be receiving scam messages through their personal number, which includes Myself.

Many have reported scams and believe their personal information has been fraudulently spoofed or that their Verizon account was hacked. Scammers are impersonating the personal details of customers and are sending fake texts with a suspicious link that claims to be a payment for the monthly bills.

How is Text From Myself Scam Conducted?

Scammers are becoming more sophisticated and sophisticated, and are using innovative techniques to scam individuals. In the present, scammers hack their Verizon accounts, and using spoofing to get the personal number of their victims. They then use their personal numbers to send fake texts.

The message states that the previous month’s expenses have been paid with success, and there’s a small gift for users. Users are encouraged to click the link to redeem the reward. After clicking the hyperlink, they will be directed to a third party website. The Scam of the Text From Myself begins when they give their login details to receive the reward.

There are no presents because it’s attempt at stealing private information of the users.

What are people saying regarding this Scam?

A lot of people have jumped on the discussion forums and social media sites to discuss and talk about their experiences. However, as per the reports, users are receiving fake text messages coming from personal numbers.

The users must click the questionable link to claim the freebie to help pay the rent. A lot of people believe it’s an enigma, and the public should not be fooled by the scam called the Text From Myself.

Certain users have also urged users to stay clear of the text message and to report the message. Verizon users are able to forward fraudulent message to the SPAM (7726). You can also report the scam to Consumer Complaint Center.


In the age of digital the scammers are coming up with new ways to scam people. These scammers are now using spoofing of users’ accounts as well as personal numbers to carry out an entirely new type of scam using text messages. Fraudsters are sending false texts about bills from carriers and telling users that they will click on an untrue link in order to claim their prize.

There have been numerous reports about the Scam called Text From Myself on the internet and you can look for more in-depth information. It is essential to be prepared and be aware of how to safeguard yourself from an Scam.

Are you being victimized by fraudsters? Tell us how you dealt with this scam via the comments section.