Texas, United States has begun early voting on February 14th Monday. Then, they headed towards the polls for voting on the Primary Election on 1st March Tuesday. Texans are expected to vote for the lieutenant governor land commissioner, governor, attorney general, agricultural commissioner, railway commissioner, and comptroller.

Before they can vote in an election called the Primary Election, voters need to be ready. Therefore, everyone Texans are seeking the voter registration document dubbed Sample Ballot to everything about the 2022 Primary Election.

This Texas Sample Ballot 2022 contains vital information about the election, such as the locations for early voting, crucial dates, lists of candidates and FAQs on the voting process.

What is Sample Ballot 2022?

According to the Wiki’s page, The Sample Ballot for 2022 has been identified as the registrable document that is distributed to all voters eligible prior to the early voting in primary elections. This document assists voters prepare for elections and voting day.

The goal in this report is provide specific information about polling locations for voters, the timing of voting as well as other information. The document also includes pictures of what the ballot will look like. Also, voters can find information about the candidates who are competing for the vote, directions on how to vote as well as a FAQ section pertaining to the forthcoming election in America. United States.

How Do Texas Sample Ballot 2022 Works?

As stated, Texas Sample Ballot is the document registered that contains all the essential information regarding the primary election set for the 1st of March 2022, Tuesday. The sample ballot functions in unique ways to reveal important information about the primary election.

The sample of ballots contains crucial dates for casting an electoral vote, the location and other details. Voters must click the county or area they reside in to get the date of polling and time. Additionally, voters can get the information of candidates in the primary by clicking on their name.

This Texas Sample Ballot 2022 contains the candidate’s biographical information, their campaign themes and responses from the candidate as well as past results of the election. Because this sample ballot targeted at Texas’ primary elections in Texas the sample ballot only provides information about the candidates who will be competing in the primary elections of Texas 2022.

Important Dates of Primary Election As Per Texas Sample Ballot

  • 31st January 2022 – Last Date to sign up to vote in the Primary Election 2022
  • 14th February 2022 Early voting for the primary election begins
  • 18th February 2022 – Final date to apply for mailing-in the Texas Sample Ballot 2022 for the primary election
  • 25th February 2022 – Early voting ends
  • 1st March 2022 – Election Day Starts
  • 3rd March 3rd March Day to receive the Mail-In Ballot before 5 pm.
  • The 25th of April is the last Day to Register to Vote in the Primary runoffs
  • 15th May. Early voting for primary runoffs begins
  • 20th May. Early voting is over
  • 24-May – Primary runoff vote day


As the day for primary voting is nearing, Texans are gearing up to cast their ballots for their preferred candidate for the election. If you’re still uncertain regarding the polling location or the candidates and timing, make sure you get your copy of the Texas Sample Ballot 2022 to get all the details.