Austin, Texas saw an unexpected tragedy when 22-year-old Texas A&M student Tanner Hoang was found dead after going missing for over seven days and was reported as missing by family and friends. This tragedy sent shockwaves through the community leaving many unanswered questions.

Who was Tanner Hoang?

Tanner Hoang was 22-year-old student at Texas A&M University (TAMU). On December 16 at approximately 11:00 a.m. his family expected him to meet them for lunch and witness his anticipated graduation ceremony; unfortunately however he never showed up and instead made up excuses not to show.

Was Tanner Set to Graduate from TAMU?

Contrary to the family’s belief, TAMU disclosed that Hoang was not scheduled to graduate. According to CBS DFW, the institution revealed that Hoang had not met certain requirements for graduation. This revelation adds another layer of mystery to his sudden and uncharacteristic disappearance.

How Did His Family Describe Him?

Tanner’s sudden disappearance raised alarms due to his reputation for reliability. His uncle, Bao Hoang, spoke about Tanner’s dependable nature to KXXV, stating, “He is always available, always showing up to help.” Whether it was helping grandparents, assisting at family gatherings, or simply showing up when needed, Tanner was always there. This made his absence on such an important day, and subsequent disappearance, all the more puzzling.

Were There Any Last Communications from Tanner?

On the morning of Tanner’s disappearance, his father sent him a text message at 8:30 AM. The message was marked as “read,” indicating that Tanner had seen it before his phone was subsequently turned off. This piece of information has left the family and investigators curious about the events that might have transpired afterwards.

Where Was Tanner Found?

Tanner Hoang’s lifeless body was discovered near the Pennybacker Bridge on Loop 360 on Christmas Eve. Police have ruled out any acts of wrongdoing in his death; however, details surrounding its cause remain uncertain. Further compounding this mystery was their finding of another body floating in the water before 12:30 p.m. that same day (though FOX 7 hasn’t confirmed who or what this body might be).

Were Any of His Belongings Discovered Nearby?

Amidst the tragedy, another clue was uncovered when Tanner’s car was located near the site of his discovery. According to the nonprofit Amber Alert Network Brazos Valley, his wallet, with all its contents intact, was found inside the vehicle. This discovery deepens the mystery, as it indicates no apparent theft or foul play at the immediate scene.

How Has the Hoang Family Reacted?

The Hoang family, in their grief, has expressed immense gratitude for the support they’ve received during this harrowing time. A spokesperson for the family conveyed their feelings through a poignant Facebook post, stating, “This is not the outcome that we have all been praying for, but on this Christmas Eve, Tanner is now in the arms of his Savior, King, Prince of Peace, Joy, and Healer.” They emphasized how the overwhelming outpouring of support has helped them feel God’s love during this challenging period.

Tanner Hoang’s sudden and tragic death has left his loved ones reeling with shock, as well as his community searching for answers. While investigations continue and family mourns, memories of Tanner as an honest, loyal individual will forever remain embedded in our minds and hearts – we can only hope for closure and answers regarding this heartbreaking incident as its story unravels.