Do you like visiting new websites every time you are looking for new and trendy clothes? If so, you must visit this page to find out how well is doing.

In today’s post, we will learn important details about this website that belongs to the clothing industry. We will review Tenatie com reviews to help you understand the opinions of our customers about the Site and its products.

Let’s go through all the details below and help buyers in the United States.

What is Tenatie com?

This is a site that sells women’s clothing. You will find a wide selection of sweatshirts, casual tops and shirts, vintage jewelry and many other similar products.

Whenever you find any clothing website, be sure to check all the details as without a doubt the garment industry is booming, scam websites are also growing day by day.

The site displayed a lot of products on the home page along with some discount codes. But it’s important to check if these codes are valid or just a scam to lure customers in.

We will find all the details with the help of the Tenatie com review.


• Type of site: Clothing site

• Social media: Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest

• Domain age: 1 month

• Confidence score: 2.7%

• E-mail: [email protected]

• Telephone number: not provided

• Return Policy: Return is only possible within 14 days

• Shipping information: 7 to 15 business days


• All dresses on the Site are fashionable and fashionable.

• The site offers to buy 4 and gets 5 for free.

• There are many discount codes available on the Site.

• Free Shipping is available on orders over $ 79.99


• No reviews on Tenatie com

• According to the fraud detector, the site only has 2.7 spots out of 100.

• Instagram and Facebook are about Shopify.

• The page about us contains the necessary information and does not have any information about the owner.

• This is a recently registered website.

• When we searched on social media platforms, we found some negative links.

Is Tenatie com legal?

After looking at the pros and cons of this clothes website, we come to the most important thing. We are currently checking the legality of this Website.

To that end, we looked at the domain age of this website and found that it is only 1 month old. You cannot risk buying clothes from a website that is only a month old.

Another important reason was that owner registration is private. Also, Tenatie com reviews are not available anywhere as the site doesn’t have many visitors. Another negative thing about this website is that it has an internal evaluation system.

The only positive thing about this Website is that it has an SSL certificate and the products sold on the Website follow the latest trends.

Overall, this is not a trusted website at all and you can purchase from another trusted clothing store.

What are Tenatie com reviews?

According to our survey, this website is not visited very often due to its novelty.

Also, the site doesn’t do much promotion to stand out, so there are no customer reviews available. Lack of customer feedback is a negative sign for any website.

We also checked the presence on social media. There, we discovered that the Website has working social media icons, but only Shopify details will be displayed when clicking on the Instagram or Facebook icon.

Therefore, we recommend that you stay away from this dangerous website. No Tenatie com review so you can look for another original website where you can buy trendy clothes.

Final verdict

All in all, we carry out an in-depth analysis so that you don’t encounter any problem when shopping online. You will find many websites cheating on others, but we will always protect you from such websites with our impartial evaluation.

Speaking of Tenatie com, most of the searches are from the United States and people want to know if this trendy looking site can be trusted or not.

According to research, this website is newly built and has many drawbacks such as no Tenatie com reviews, inaccessibility of owner information, questionable email address etc.

On this basis, we declare that this website is a scam. If you like the information we shared, please let us know by writing in the comments section.