The outspread of the COVID-19 pandemic and its ongoing effects in terms of lockdowns and restrictions turned into a critical juncture for technology adoption in various industries. It significantly transformed the legal world and orchestrated how law firms operate more efficiently with the integration of tech solutions.

Law firms and practitioners are finally comprehending and accepting the benefits of technologies. Firms are now itching to capitalize on the best legal analytics software from Dazychain gain from various opportunities it opens.

After the disruption in 2020 and survival struggle in 2021, 2022 is going to establish the amalgamation of technology in the so-far rigid world of law. Companies have realized how automation and tech solutions elevate their efficiency and productivity, empower them to enhance clients’ experience, reduce cost, and do much more.

Given the rising interest of legal divisions and law firms in building their tech stack, we enlist a few technologies that will make a difference in the coming year.

  • Cloud computing solutions

The power and capabilities of cloud computing in various industries are no secret. Many law firms, independent legal practitioners, and corporate legal divisions have realized the benefits of this technology. With their recent exposure, they have seen how it can streamline all the legal activities and make them more efficient.

Above 80% of the practitioners who have used cloud computing would like to continue fetching its benefits. Cloud-based solutions have increased the availability of the firms and attornies, reduced cost and overheads, and made paperwork and communication much faster and easier.

  • Comprehensive legal practice management solutions

A legal practice management software is an all-in-one solution that streamlines all the tasks of a law firm through a single platform. From research to filing, documentation, alerting attorneys, and timely communication with the clients, these solutions does it all. Much advanced software also includes features like conflict checking and risk management to help law firms better comply with their liabilities.

  • Solutions for client-centric legal practice

Law firms are also businesses at the end of the day and client-centric practices are now an integral part of their operations. While such practices have been around for quite some time as forward-thinking attornies were following this approach. It is just that this approach is now followed more rigorously.

Firms are using tech solutions that are designed with a client-centric model. These solutions help them to evaluate the impact of every decision, evolution, enhancement, and adaptation in terms of tools, processes, and services.

  • Contract automation and virtual assistance

Legal firms and attornies often receive requests, queries, and inquiries from their clients and prospects that are mostly standard. They are also under constant pressure to be available and respond to all of them as the soonest.

Firms and practitioners are looking forward to integrating tech solutions based on AI, machine learning, and natural language processing to deliver accurate replies almost immediately. They are adopting ‘Lawbots’, AI-based tools that can provide legal assistance on standard and repetitive questions.

They are also using contract management automation software that manages various contracts of all natures through their entire lifecycle. From creation to adherence in every communication, these solutions ensure that the contracts are upheld.