Did you know about the Memphis teacher kidnapping report? Sources and statements from the police indicate that Eliza Fletcher, also known by Liza Fletcher was taken three days ago in the United States. The news is trending worldwide and Canada.

In addition, an unidentified corpse was found at the same location where the teacher was abducted on September 5, 2022. There are many rumors and speculations about the Teacher abducted Memphis. We offer detailed information and additional information.

Eliza Fletcher disappeared?

Eliza Fletcher, a.k.a. Liza was taken three days ago. According to reports Fletcher is a teacher. He was searched by Memphis area police on Friday. According to the investigation Liza (mother of two) was seen walking in the area at 4:45 am. The footage shows that a black GMC Terrain SUV passed her.

Fletcher was also forced into the back seat by a man who ran towards Fletcher from the vehicle. A suspect was also accused of the abduction Kemper Durand, a 22-year-old lawyer. Below are more details about the abduction and other related information.

A Gist from the Case

  • According to the footage, the mother of two was seen pulling herself into an SUV.
  • The 34-yearold was walking in Memphis at 4. AM when she was abducted. The morning she was abducted.
  • According to footage, the SUV had been parked in the area 4 minutes before it moved on.
  • Cleotha Absston, 38, was charged with tampering.

Teacher abducted Memphis — What is the Next Step?

According to further investigation reports, a body unidentified was discovered just 20 minutes after the teacher was abducted. The identity of the body has not been revealed, however.

Cleotha abston has also been charged with tampering the evidence regarding Fletcher’s disappearance in the Memphis region of Tennessee. He is currently in Shelby County Jail, where he is being held on $500,000.

Fletcher was also the granddaughter of Joseph Orgill Hardware (a billionaire). Fletcher has been missing since then. Unfortunately, there have not been any further reports.

Final Conclusion

The suspect in this case was also detained 22 years ago after he forced Kemper Durand to abduct him, a Memphis-based attorney. He was taken into the trunk of his car and held hostage at gunpoint.

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