Before we introduced the patch nail, some sisters may not like this form of nail art, do not worry, you can try something else. For nail control, it is necessary to open the rhythm of tossing their nails there! I do not know if the sisters have a deep experience? Acrylic dip powder is also a very common nail art style, and you may be a little unfamiliar, do not see a black question mark on your face, then look down to know it!

A. What is Acrylic dip powder

French acrylic dip powder is a nail art with a high rate of choice in nail stores! With a variety of acrylic dip powder and acrylic dip powder liquid through, the nail technician uses special technical manoeuvres, cured in the natural nail carrier, lengthening, and beautifying the nail, characterized by visually changing the shape of the finger, giving a sense of slender, so as to make up for the hand shape is not beautiful, nail colour to crystal clear, pink and white natural based.

The acrylic dip powder can be matched with various colours of clothing, set off elegant temperament, is a lot of workplace OL love a nail it.

Two, acrylic dip powder practice

1, repair the nail shape with a manicure tool.

Two 、Disinfect the nails with a drying agent.

Three 、At the edge of the nail to attach the nail bracket.

Four 、Prepare the crystal solution in a crystal cup.

Five 、Dip a crystal pen dipped in the crystal liquid into crystal powder.

Six 、. With the help of a crystal pen and nail holder, make crystal shapes on the nail.

Seven 、When the acrylic dip powder is completely solidified, repair the length of the nail with a file.

Eight 、Gently sand the nail edges and joints with a sanding block.

Nine 、Apply nutrient oil to the nails.

Ten 、Polish the nail surface with polishing strips.

11、Finally, apply clear polish to the nails, and the good-looking acrylic dip powder is ready.

Three, acrylic dip powder can keep how long.

This depends on the speed of your nail growth. Crystal nail actually has never fallen off, just nails slowly grow, do the crystal nail part and nail contrast is obvious, not very beautiful, this time, you have to choose to remove or fill up, this stuff unloading up very troublesome, very hurt nails, as anything has two sides, acrylic dip powder in the decoration of the nail At the same time, it also brings harm to the nails.

First of all, acrylic dip powder is made with crystal powder and other chemical liquids, and these chemical ingredients are covered in the nail surface is more or less a kind of harm. Secondly, acrylic dip powder stays on the nail surface for a long time, which will affect the normal breathing of the nail, causing the nail to degenerate and become thin and soft. Once again, acrylic dip powder is very troublesome to remove, and you need to use sanding tools to polish it. This step is the most hurt fingers. Oh.