The guide provides details on the latest Tata Group Anniversary scam that targets a large number of citizens across the country.

Tata Group is a multinational conglomerate based in India that specializes in aircrafts as well as automobiles and other items. Its headquarters is in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Tata Group was established by the late Jamshedji Tata in 1868. In the following year, it gained global recognition following the acquisition of several international corporations.

The birth anniversary JRD Tata was celebrated by the Tata Group. He was the longest-running chairman of the Tata Group, and 2021 will be the 117th birthday anniversary of this legend.

In order to profit from this, fraudsters are committing scams on people. One Tata Group Anniversary scam has been reported that claims to give gifts.

What is Tata Anniversary Scam?

Tata’s 150th Anniversary is a latest scam that is circulating on social media. It claims to give away prizes and gifts for the 150th anniversary. The scam on social media says the Tata Group is celebrating its 150th anniversary by offering prizes and gifts to its loyal customers.

The phishing scam is affecting a lot of people throughout India. However, these scam messages must be avoided because they aim to obtain your personal data and information to use later. The content may seem appealing at first but it is not advisable to open or click any links.

Tata Group Anniversary Scam – How it Works?

The scammers distribute messages or posts with free gifts to the general public. The phishing scam messages serve as a bait to fool innocent users into thinking that they’ve were awarded gifts and prizes through Tata Group on their anniversary.

The message is an untrustworthy link that takes users to a third-party site which asks them to divulge their personal information prior to claiming their prizes. This is where the fraud starts.

The malicious links insert malware or spyware into your device, or scammers get your personal information and use it without your consent through Tata Group Anniversary scams.

Elaborating The Scam

We’ve looked into the message on the internet and discovered certain details that prove that it’s a fraud and those who receive the message shouldn’t be fooled by or click on harmful hyperlinks.

  • Tata Group was founded in 1868. The company has been operating for 153 years and not yet 150 years old. This means that this celebration of the Tata Group 150th Anniversary is an e-mail scam and the public should not take it seriously.
  • Tata Group has not officially stated that they will be celebrating any anniversary of the company or its founding member JRD Tata on July 2021. Also it is important to ignore the Tata Group Anniversary fraud message being circulated is to be not taken seriously.
  • Tata Group doesn’t have any experience of celebrating holidays or giving gifts or rewards to customers. If you’re being targeted by the fraudulent message regarding an anniversary party, do not respond and erase the message as soon as you can.

Closing Thoughts

Tata Group has been around over 150 years. The birth anniversary of its founder was honored and 2021 has been designated as the anniversary of birth of JRD Tata. But, fraudsters are targeting people and sending them phishing messages and postings on the News Feed claiming that Tata Group will be giving prizes and gifts for the Tata Group Anniversary.

However, there isn’t an formal confirmation of the scam, which means this is a fraud. If you’re also receiving these scam emails, make sure that you know the best ways to guard yourself from scams.

Have you been targeted by scammers of this Tata Group 150th Anniversary Scam? If so, then please mention in the comment section the steps you’ve completed to report the scam.