Do you believe politics is the cause of all that happens in the world? Or are you a firm believer that all things work out for a reason and God’s will? This is the universe and people praise it everyday.

Did you ever face protest for something you wanted from the world? Are you a firm believer in it. If so, you need to be aware of Tamara Lich.

In fact, almost everyone in Canada knows her. Most people are aware of the Tamara Lich Aresscontroversy.

You can read the rest of this article to find out about her and the circumstances that led to her arrest.

Tamara’s Story

She is a Canadian Politican and a Maverick Administration member. She is a fervent follower and advocate of Christianity.

She is an educated and well-known Canadian personality. She was once one of the most senior officials of the splinter political party.


  • Name- Tamara Lich
  • Age of Tamara: 47 years. Old.
  • Saskatchewan is where I was born.
  • Date of Birth: She was born in 1976.
  • Occupation- Politician
  • Height- 5Feet
  • Religion- Christian.

Tamara Liich Arrest Get to the Bottom of Controversy

According to the circulating news, Tamara was a politician by profession and was detained by Ottawa police. Together with her Freedom Convey partners, she was detained.

For almost three days, the Ottawa police officers detained nearly all the protesters. Sources say that Lich was detained on Thursday night.

This arrest occurred after the Canadian government’s new rule, which allowed them to arrest anyone who was protesting or blocking the road.

Let’s examine the motive for the protest after Tamara Lich Arrest.

Why was she protesting the government?

Canada has made it a condition of mandatory Covid vaccination to be able to travel to the US.

Freedom Convey Team was protesting against mandatory vaccination. They first protested against the compulsory vaccination.

Protestors began demanding that Covid’s absurd restrictions be lifted. This protest caused blockage at many US-Canadian frontiers.

What Did She Do After Being Arrested?

Tamara shared the video that Tamara had taken after the incident. She stated that this was an expected arrest.

Even after the Tamara Lich Arrest was over, she called for a new protest and blockade to seize rights from the government.

Notice All the details we have listed here are completely based on research from the media and the internet.

Final Verdict

These collected details about Tamara, her arrest and the reasons for her detention clearly indicate that she was protesting against a government-run system and to protect her rights.

However, it is also possible to say that the COVID restrictions protest was inadequacy as these are safety measures for the citizens.

What are you thoughts about the news of Tamara Lich arrest? Share your opinions below.