In a country separated from rest of the world by porous borders and weak formal economy,there are several interesting stories about how Afghans use talismans for luck charms and divination. For example,a story is going round in Kabul about a young man from Balkh province who was injured as he crossed the mountains and met with an army unit.He was taken to a hospital and he told doctors that his cousin gave him a talisman which put him in good health. The young man died soon after the doctors took off from him the talisman and there were no explainable reasons for this.

Some scholars claim Afghanistan has the highest rate of talismans in the world. In many countries, talismans are believed to be a traditional solution to solving married couples’ problems. However, an association exists between over-zealous use of talismans, and above all other negative effects that can impact human beings and their health state.Talismans are used as key tool for protection, keeping safe and bringing wealth. Taweez are usually talismans used by the local leaders in tribal societies like the Tur Abdin or Barmital. They are made of metal or paper with silver attached to the top. Talismans are worn as necklace or as bracelets. Their power can also be used for good or bad. In the Quran talismans are mentioned as examples of “worldly good”. Taweez are said to be also used by spiritual leaders to divinate and warn their followers of impending danger such as a cyclone, earthquake, or storm. A taweez is also used in healing ceremonies and exorcisms.

A taweez are also used to protect children from dieing in infancy or in early childhood.Taweez also have an ancient sacred meaning and are used in seances, faith healing ceremonies, and fortune telling.A taweez is also worn by many Afghan people as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity in bad times.They are used to get a bad situation or person in the right direction.

Research performed by several different countries found that in Afghanistan (especially in urban areas) there is a big problem around illegality of the talismans. This can change our lives as we realize that with talismans, there are many opportunities to make wealth. The power of talismans lies in the intention they convey, not just the material objects they contain. Wealthy people who have talismans can earn a lot of money. As such, they tend to use them frequently.As a result, these talismans draw the attention of the police when they are used for money-related purposes. In other words, it is quite possible that the talismans are used to arrange people’s finances and to pay off debts. However, we can also see cases where a person uses a talisman for protection against harm, or for healing purposes.

Another use of the talismans from the locals in Afghanistan is to  lower your odds of getting struck by lightning according to the people. Popular objects to attach the taweez to the body are the shoulder straps. Locally made amulets, which were of cheap and leather-like material, are hung from a wire or string that is wrapped around the neck, also. There are also some who use simple pieces of colored paper or cloth with symbols on them. The idea of suchgood fortune amulet may seem incredible to Westerners, but it is actually common in rural Afghanistan: a talisman protects its owner from witchcraft, epidemics diseases, starvation and pestilences so that their homes experience permanent peace economy.