Are you looking for durable home wall stickers? You’re on the right page.

This blog post will inform people about an online shop that sells wall stickers. Let’s not waste any time reviewing this online store.

The home decor market is booming worldwide. To enhance their home’s appearance, homeowners are searching for durable and unique decor options. The Taktems store also offers creative wall stickers in 3D letters or numbers at very affordable prices.

Let’s look at the wall stickers as well as the offering website in these Taktems.

What’s Taktems?

Taktems claims to be the leading home wall sticker selling website. You will be able to transform your wall with the help of this website’s extensive selection of 3D numbers and letters wall stickers.

You will also find wall stickers of all sizes on this platform. You can also get wall stickers in a variety of designs at steal prices. You might want to visit the store, which has many of the most fashionable items.

Let’s go through this post to find out Is Taktems Legit.

What are the specifications for Taktems

  • Website link –
  • Wall stickers
  • Physical address: 78 Potowatomi Dr. Edgerton (Wisconsin 53534), United States
  • Telephone number- (540). 252-1189
  • Email address: [email protected]
  • 13/05/2020 – Domain age creation
  • Newsletter is not available
  • Tracking is available when you order
  • Purchase Record-Unavailable
  • Transport fee-free shipping
  • Delivery time: 7-15 Business Days
  • Exchange or return within 30 days
  • Refunds available within 2 to 3 days
  • Warranty not included
  • Payment mode-PayPal

In these Taktems reviews, you can read about the pros and disadvantages of shopping at this site.

What positive aspects are there to ordering Taktems products?

  • It comes with HTTPS security and certified mail server.
  • The store kept the prices of its products low.
  • It has provided its complete contact information.
  • Standard shipping is included free of charge.
  • You can return the items within 30 calendar days.

What negative effects can you expect when placing an order for Taktems?

  • There are no reviews on the official site.
  • The social media icons are useless.

Are Taktems Legit

As everyone is not familiar with the motives behind unpopular stores, it is necessary to thoroughly research them. We provide the basic checkpoints to help you evaluate the authenticity of a website.

These parameters should be taken into consideration.

  • Domain name for this website is one-year old. It was registered 13/05/2020.
  • Domain expiration Date – Validated until 13/05/2022.
  • The site only has 5-star ratings for shoppers. Taktems reviews are therefore not mentioned on the website.
  • Trust index – The trust score for the site is higher than average at 60%
  • Content quality – the published content has a average quality.
  • Trust score – This site has a 65.6% trust ranking.
  • Popularity- You can find a few search results on the internet.
  • Online feedback portal- While customers have not submitted any feedback to the Trustpilot website as a reliable feedback site, however, the video evaluation has revealed that we have discovered negative comments.

What do shoppers think about Taktems?

The official website does not have feedback. However, every sticker or decal has five-star ratings.

Contrary to this, the internet has some user feedback. One of these users stated that they had purchased products from such a website and that it took them one-year to get their money back. This is because these companies provide fake tracking for PayPal. This raises questions about the legitimacy of the website.

The Bottom Line

We believe the website to be questionable based on our research. The site suggests that customers do their research before purchasing wall stickers. This Taktems review contains all of the necessary information about the store.