You live a very busy life and also manage your office, your home and your personal life, but you don’t have time to go to the gym or aerobics classes every day, even if you can’t exercise, this can be the soul of your body endanger.

Under such circumstances, a full hour of body massage in our London spa and massage salon can help you boost your energy and get back your muscle and blood circulation problems.

Full body massage London offers different massage therapies. Every individual has different needs and problems with pain in the body, just as a person suffers from normal stress, but only from severe pain or normal pain in the body. Let us introduce you to some popular types of spa and massage therapy in London.

Full body massage in London: This is a regular therapy for people who do regular body massage and spas in London such as once a week, twice a month or monthly. It is a kind of exercise for your body. You work or drive long distances and you feel tired, you want to relax in your body in a short time, such as 30 minutes, 60 minutes, you can just search for “spas near me” in any search engine and find no then one few popular, regular and nearest spas in London. People call and get their massage and feel rejuvenated.

Balinese massage: It was developed in Bali, Indonesia, with an influence on the concepts of conventional medicine in India, China and Southeast Asia.

Balinese massage includes massage on pressure points, rolling and flapping of the skin, hard and soft tightening, drums and use of base oils. Therapists can also use stone therapy. The combination of manual and perfume treatments is said to relax, remove fascial limitations and revitalize the lymphatic structures and blood circulation.

Swedish massage: Massage therapy is the best known and best known of the Swedish massage. This massage technique ranges from mild to severe and uses five types of strokes:

  • slide or push
  • tight
  • rhythmic beats
  • Cross fibre or with fiber
  • Vibration / vibration

Deep tissue massage: It is designed to solve and heal serious muscle and nerve problems. This type of massage is mainly performed on the muscles below the surface of the upper muscles. Deep tissue massage is recommended for people who do heavy physical work and who regularly experience severe pain in certain parts of the body.

The word “deep tissue” is commonly used for massage treatments performed under continuous low pressure. Deep tissue massage is a special category of full body massage London, used to heal problems and diseases less specific to the musculoskeletal system, and uses a number of methods and movements to achieve to a certain extent. of relief.

What you already know: the benefits of massage:

  • Promotes blood circulation and allows the body to pump more oxygen into the nerves and blood vessels
  • Stimulates the lymph flow, the general protective structure of the body, against harmful penetration. For example, kneading has been shown to increase growth-fighting cells in breast cancer patients
  • Expansion of blood and lymph structures improves the condition of the largest organ in the body – the skin
  • Relax and reduce damaged and abused muscles
  • Reduced recovery time, preparation for intensive training and pain relief caused by competitors at all levels
  • Release of endorphins – regular analgesics in the body – and are used for discomfort, injuries and endless recovery after surgery to control and eliminate pain.
  • Reduces adhesion and enema after surgery and can be used to reduce and adjust scar tissue afterwards