Custom and unique items are in great demand in the UK today. However, such products are somewhat difficult to find. So, in this Tabbleduke com review, we’re going to tell you about the website – which deals with custom products.

Many online and brick-and-mortar stores claim to have antiques. Some of them may even produce or design elements of your choice according to your requirements. But if you are talking about online platforms, not all of them are trustworthy.

Read our review to know more about this online store. It will help you decide whether to continue shopping or not.

What is Tabbleduke?

As reported on the website, their main vision is to help people deliver customized products according to their passion and interests. They claim to have highly professional production houses and suppliers.

So let’s read the Tabbleduke com review to the end to find out if these claims are genuine or are meant to steal money out of your pocket. They have a variety of custom products depending on clients’ requirements. The collection in the store includes articles for all types of professions, sports and hobbies.

Main website specifications:

• Link to the website –

• Products for sale – push-up bras, dried hair towels, thermal underwear, ping pong paddle set, Valentine’s Day gifts, custom flower pots, etc.

• This domain was created six months ago.

• According to our Tabbleduke com reviews, there is no contact information.

• Contact phone – 442032901692

• Contact e-mail address –[email protected]

• Contact address – Ansky Company Ltd. Albert Embankment, Vintage House, 36-37, SE1, London.

• Company number – 11736740

• Shipping time – Free shipping can take 12 to 20 days, standard delivery takes 7 – 12 days with some additional charges.

• Delivery time – after placing an order, shipping of finished products takes 48 hours.

• Order cancellation – Order can be canceled before shipment. Once the product has been shipped, the order cannot be canceled.

• Return policy – they accept order cancellations until the product is shipped. Once shipped, you cannot cancel the order.

• Refund – You will receive a full refund if your order is canceled.

• Payment method – they accept payments via PayPal, credit or debit cards etc.


• According to our Tabbleduke com reviews, they have unique custom products not usually available on other online store sites.

• This website offers a wide variety of designs that may not be easy to find in the market.

• Has a valid HTTPS connection.

• Claim that the products are sold at negotiable prices with attractive discounts.

• They have promotional pages on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc.


• This website was created just a few months ago and is now located in the UK.

• Very little web traffic indicates that it is not popular with the masses.

• No customer reviews could be found on the Internet.

Tabbleduke com Reviews – Is Tabbleduke Legal?

Before buying any product on the Internet, it is imperative to fully research its seller and manufacturer. There are thousands of shopping sites on the Internet, but only a few are legal.

Now, from what we have read about Tabbleduke so far, we can say that he is not trustworthy.

In case of a scam, you don’t have a specific person to contact. Increases the risk of fraud. Therefore, we will assign a red flag to this site.

Tabbleduke com Customer Reviews

The product photos shown on the website are quite attractive. But when we looked for customer feedback, we came back empty-handed. It just means that it lacks real users and people are not interested in shopping from Tabbleduke.

Has a very bad trust score. Therefore, it lacks proof of originality. Therefore, we suggest that you think twice before purchasing anything from these platforms.

Final verdict

Knowing about the specific features of this website makes it difficult for us to trust. The age of this domain is only six months, and life expectancy appears to be short. Moreover, the lack of positive user feedback does not arouse suspicions in our minds.

Which portal do you prefer for online shopping? Please provide your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you want to say anything about our Tabbleduke com reviews, please feel free to comment below.