This article describes a group of soldiers from an Asian nation to fight the Russian army during the current conflict. Find out more about the Syrians Ukraine.

Have you read about the latest update that is a part of the ongoing war that is raging on Ukrainian soil? If so, let’s get more specific on the latest information regarding an initiative that could cause additional pain to Ukrainians in the coming days.

People in America United States are extremely saddened by the recent backing for Russian forces to continue to cause destruction and increase their power.

The war is always a source of chaos, anxiety, and indecision because there is no solutions to the present frightful events. Find out more the latest news about Syrians Ukraine.

About Russian Invasion

The Russian military has been equipped close to the Ukrainian border starting in 2021 March in line with an directive of Vladimir Putin, the current Russian president. Additionally an official military operation was launched against Ukraine on February 24, 2022.

After the activities of invasion carried out by Russia various countries have implemented diverse sanctions against Russia for its attack on Ukraine. Numerous world leaders and organisations have pleaded with Putin to put an end to the attack but Russia was not averse to the issue.

Numerous diplomatic talks and meetings have been held between the Russian president Vladimir Putin, but none secured Ukrainians.

Syrians Ukraine

  • The official report issued by SOHR, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) says that more than 40 thousand Syrians signed registrations to help Russia in its fight against Ukraine.
  • This group made up of Syrians is designed to offer all the possible assistance in Ukraine according to plan Russian plan.
  • Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirms that there are no Syrians who have quit Syria on March 14, 2022.
  • The person traveling to assist Russia is believed to have between $1,500 and $2,500 according per SOHR.

Russia on Foreign Volunteers

  • Vladimir Putin mentions the support of foreign fighters as a source of help to the people of Donbas. Read on Syrians Ukraine.
  • Putin has told his Russian security council that it was to help and aid foreign troops who are interested in fighting Ukraine with the assistance by Russian forces.
  • Putin also instructed to provide all items and assistance to assist willing volunteers travel to the areas of conflict in Ukraine.
  • General Ben Hodges states that Russians have a shortage of workers to sustain the assault. Furthermore Hodges also notes that Russians having a shortage of ammunition and are running out of time of human capital.

Ukraine on Foreign Volunteers

  • Ukraine has a less armed force when compared to Russia. Russian power. Find out more about Syrians Ukraine.
  • Vladimir Zelensky, the Ukrainian president, has called those Syrian new recruits “thugs,” whose main goal was to go to another country and take out the people.
  • Ukraine has also requested assistance from Canada and the UK in order to provide foreign soldiers to defend their nation against the Russian attack.


There is a crisis in Ukraine is becoming more dire every day and the Syrian supply of troops to aid Russia in fighting Ukraine creates a situation that is more difficult for Ukraine. To find out more details about the issue that was mentioned you can visit.

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