Do you feel bored with your current tops? Did you ever consider getting something trendy and new? Syltia can meet all your fashion requirements.

Syltia is an internet store located in the United States. It’s a fashion shop that sells tops and bottoms for women. You can choose from many tops (camo, tank and dresses), as well as two-piece sets.

However, before you spend any hard-earned dollars here, please review this Syltia Reviews.

Syltia is an United States online fashion shop for women. You can find a wide range of clothes for women at Syltia.

  • Mini dress with short sleeves
  • Deep dive printed top
  • Casual long sleeve shirt
  • Top with sleeveless sleeves and V-neck
  • Vintage V-neck Top
  • Sweaters (printed or knitted).
  • Cardigans
  • Jackets & coats
  • Sweatshirts and Hoodies
  • Jumpsuits, 2-piece sets and 2-piece sets

You should never trust any new website that claims to be legitimate. They could try to scam you out of your personal information. To find out the truth about Is Syltia Legit, read this article.

Features from Syltia

We came across the following features while looking through the website:

  • Buy women’s clothes at
  • Buy designer tops
  • Shop for sweaters and dresses.
  • Contact details:
  • Address or credit card company – XBP International ltd. 145-147 St. John Street London England.
  • Website does not contain any information about the official address.
  • There are social media handles. (
  • Shipping and return policy
  • All orders above 79$ qualify for free shipping
  • Shipping with UPS and FED-EX
  • Refunds up to 50% if cancellations are made within 24 hours. Additional 10% will be charged for cancellations after that time.
  • Within 30 days of delivery, return.
  • Only return undamaged items within seven business days after receipt.
  • Other websites also have mixed Syltia reviews.
  • Privacy policy
  • The device data, including I.P addresses, locations, and device data, are kept.
  • Shopify and other partners share data.
  • It may be altered at any moment.
  • Customers have the right to withdraw their consent for advertising, etc. at any time.

Positive highlights

  • You can find a wide range of products on this site.
  • Official website mentions privacy, shipping, return policy, and proper privacy.
  • There are FAQ pages and Track Order.
  • Other websites may also have reviews.

Clarifying Is Syltia Legit:

  • Although the website was built on 16/03/2021, it is still very young and does not instill trust.
  • The website’s trust ranking is very low, at 1%. It also receives minimal traffic.
  • Other platforms may have mixed reviews of websites.
  • It is not its actual office, but the address of credit card company.
  • The website is not properly laid out.
  • The social media handles are still relatively new and have low engagement.


Syltia has been registered since 16/03/2021. Although this is a recent registration, it is not necessarily reliable. Below, we have discussed several other points related to this topic:

  • Site functionality: All links, buttons and buttons on the home page work properly.
  • Trust rank The website has been awarded a trust ranking of 1% which highlights its fraudulent nature.
  • Online Reviews: The majority of Syltia web-based reviews are mixed.
  • Privacy and security: The privacy is claimed to be protected, but data is shared with other websites.
  • Social networking: Social media connections are provided but engagement is minimal.
  • Design The homepage of this website is not very well designed.

These points are clear that Syltia should not be trusted with your cash. The foundation of Syltia’s business is weak and many questions remain unanswered.


There are product reviews left by customers on the official website. However, only a small number of products have them. All are positive which makes it seem less likely. There were no substantial reviews on social media. Syltia Reviewswere discovered while searching the Internet. However, they weren’t conclusive and were not a solid proof of its legitimacy.

Final Summary

Syltia, a store that was just registered on March 16, 2021, has very low traffic. It has the lowest trust rank of 1% which decreases any trust. Its social media handles and engagement are still very low. There are very few product reviews. Some websites also host mixed Syltia Reviews. This further doesn’t clarify its legitimacy. It is not possible to find the office address.

Syltia, to summarize, is not to trust and should not be purchased.