The biggest competition to cigarette smoking is vaping, and that is a great thing! 

Vaping can help you give up cigarettes for good — improving your health in the process.

When visiting your local vape shop, you will see a huge selection of options. 

Read on to discover why vaping is better for your health than smoking cigarettes, and what you should buy to start your cigarette free life. 

Switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping is a rather easy process that carries a slightly different experience. 

Besides the health benefits, the most substantial differences between cigarettes and vaping are the process of inhaling and how the process is started.

Making the switch

Cigarette smoking involves using fire to light rolled up tobacco, inhaling thick chemical filled smoke, then exhaling thick smoke, which lingers and delivers the same toxins you inhaled to the lungs of those near you. 

Vaping consists of drawing on an electronic device to inhale vapour that is a result of a heated liquid with far less chemicals, then exhaling a vapour that dissipates in seconds — making the process healthier for you and those around you. 

Improving your health

When you switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping, your body begins to heal from the damage that cigarettes caused to your body, in the first 24 hours.

Vaping is approximately 95 percent better for your health than smoking cigarettes.

Cigarettes cause tar to enter your body, sticking to your lungs. 

The vapour from an e-cigarette does not contain as many chemicals and therefore does not carry the same issues.

People who have switched to vaping have noticed a lower risk of heart disease, an increase in taste and smell, improved lung function, as well as better overall health, in just a month’s time.

The longer you continue to vape instead of smoking cigarettes, the more your health improves — leading to the possibility of erasing all the damage that cigarette smoking had left in your body. 

As a bonus, vaping is also healthier for the environment and those around you — including children and pets.

Start small

Since vaping is a somewhat different experience than smoking cigarettes, it is better to start small and keep it simple.

Buy a disposable device with a sensored draw activator, or a refillable and rechargeable device with one simple button to hold while drawing on the device.

Even though there are many different flavours ranging from plain to minty or sweet to strong, it is wise to stay away from strong and sweet flavours until you get used to the vaping process. 

Once you are vaping, there are many options to enrich your experience.

Smoking cigarettes is a deadly habit due to the carcinogens and other toxic chemicals you inhale every time you smoke.