If earlier Tik Tok was a platform exclusively entertaining and consisted of short videos to music, then today the content in this social network has become more diverse and interesting. However, there are those videos that are popular and relevant always, and clips with transitions just belong to this category. They come in different types and complexity, and you can make them both in the social network itself, and in a special TikTok editing app, for example, VJump, where there are templates for creating modern transitions.

Swipe is one of the simplest and most effective transitions. Its meaning is that the author of the video makes a swiping motion with his hand, during which the transition takes place. To make this effect, you can use app swipe transitions from the VJump catalog. 

How do swipe transitions work?

Any transition is a splice of two videos. The main task of a video maker is to make the place of gluing as inconspicuous as possible, in other words, to smooth it out so that no one realizes at what moment the transition took place.

It is easiest to hide the glue in some kind of movement, such as a swipe. This is easy to do, especially if you use TikTok video editor, where the process of creating a transition is automated and the author does not need to do the most difficult part of the work – editing. VJump is just such and is well suited for those inexperienced in shooting tiktokers.

Ideas for videos with swipe transitions

There are several video options that a swipe transition fits well into. Here are some of the ideas you can use to create entertaining content on your blog:

  • Location Change – when the background changes during the transition. Good for travel videos, for example.
  • Appearance change – transforming the person in the shot. It can be makeup, clothing, hair, weight loss or other change in appearance.
  • Dance moves – gluing videos in which a person dances one dance in new places. Each new piece of video must continue the dance started in the first clip.

From scratch edit TikTok video in this genre is quite difficult. That’s why there are clips where the gluing of frames is too noticeable due to inexperience of the one who edited them. Using VJUmp it will be much easier to make such content, because the gluing will be done by editing specialists who work in the application, not by the author himself.

It can be called the best TikTok editing app, as it allows you to make modern videos without spending too much time or even without special skills. Now videos with transitions are in trend, so by adding them to your page you increase the chance to become more popular and get more opportunities to develop as a blogger.