A bird can live long, if only we provide tools to keep them mentally alive! Just like we humans, pets also need something amusing to keep their brains active. Pet’s brain can also get drained due to lack of physical activity, boredom, and thus, occurring anxiety.

Do you know what the best activity birds enjoy the most? Chewing on objects. It’s a natural behavior that comes from the wild ancestral roots of parrots, cockatiels, African greys, and many other types of pet birds. It is a way for them to wear down their beaks and stay healthy, just as humans use nail files and other tools to take care of their nails.

Here’s a complete round-up of how certain accessories like swing rings and acrylic chewing toys can be beneficial for birds. After all, if you’re going to cage them in your home to add some life, then first, you need to keep your birds mentally alive!

Wait! Before jumping to benefits of getting toys for birds, first take a look types of toys  you need to keep your birds engaged;

What kind of tools work best to entertain bird pets?

You should choose an acrylic bird chewing toy, that is wide enough for your pet to sit on while providing them space for both feet on either side. You can then place treats or other bird-friendly objects into the perch, creating a barrier that your pet will have to chew through in order to get at its rewards. 

If you want a larger toy for a larger pet, consider getting swing rings with different hole sizes and combinations. Birds love enjoying swinging rides, so you can offer multiple choices depending on how hard your pet wants to work.

Want to know how these tools work? Let’s walk through the list of benefits below;

How Swing Rings & Chewing Toys Can Benefit your Bird? 

  1. Chewing toys can keep your bird’s beak healthy & trim.

Acrylic chewing toys provide birds a safe outlet for this natural behavior, and they can also help to keep your pet’s beak trimmed. If a bird has a good supply of appropriate toys, it is much less likely to engage in the destructive behavior of chewing on its perches or other parts of the cage that could result in injury. 

Also, acrylic toys are designed with safety, without any sharp edges that could hurt your bird. They can stand up to repeated use without much wear and tear.

  1. Provides Amusement for your pet’s brain.

Birds also need mental stimulation in order to be happy and well-adjusted pets. Since wild birds spend their days flying free, navigating through the air, and hunting for food, they are used to engaging their brains in various ways. 

Bird brain toys like swing rings can fulfill their natural need for mental stimulation. Here, acrylic chewing toys for birds also play a crucial role.

  1. Can be Used As training tools

Birds do not respond well to punishment, unlike some other pets, such as dogs or cats. The best way to train a pet bird is to provide positive reinforcement, rewarding the desired behavior rather than punishing undesired actions. 

For instance, while teaching your pet to step up on command, you will want to reward each correct action immediately after it is completed. Mark the correct behavior with a good gesture that your bird knows so that your pet understands what it has done to be rewarded.

  1. Promotes positive reinforcement

Acrylic chewing toy birds are especially useful as training tools because they are softer than most other perches or toys that you might use for this purpose. 

The wild birds do not have anything that feels quite like a perch, so this feature can help them feel more comfortable while being trained.

Buying Instructions – how to & where to buy?

How to choose the right bird toy?

Picking the best pet toy depends on the type of species and size of your pet. For instance;

  • If you have large parrots like; Macaws, or Amazons, then you’ll need a very large chewing toy bird. But, if you have smaller birds like; budgies, then go for smaller toys. The type of perch you choose also depends on your pet species.
  • African greys are very active creatures that are used to climbing through trees in search of food, so they might benefit from having several perching options available to them. 
  • On the other hand, some pet birds are very sedentary and will prefer having just one or two perches in different locations.

Where can I buy Best Bird Toys? 

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