Our Celestial 12 in. x 12 in. Glossy Denim Blue Glass Mosaic Wall and Floor Tile is more than just a decorative feature to embellish your aquatic oasis. It plays a key role in defining, protecting, and elevating your pool’s charm.

Swimming pool tiles offer an exciting fusion of personal style and design innovation. They invite homeowners to bring huge doses of artistic flair and dimension to the outdoors. 

That said, choosing the right pool tile matters. Why? Because different pool tile sizes can cover different types of areas. Like color and shape, tile size can transform your backyard retreat into a conversation piece.

Whether it’s the tactile allure of 1×1 mosaic tile or the natural appeal of stone-effect porcelain fieldtile, variation in pool tile sizes contributes to the overall aesthetic tapestry. This quick guide takes you through swimming pool wall and floor tile sizes and the potential they hold in creating a stunning oasis. 

  • Swimming pool mosaic tile sizes

Tiny pieces of Celestial 12 in. x 12 in. Glossy Azure Blue Glass Mosaic Wall and Floor Tile come together to form a detailed graphic that resonates with a modern sensibility.

In the realm of swimming pool design, few choices are as bold and evocative as mosaic tiles. Offered in stone, porcelain, marble, and the most sought-after choice, glass, mosaic pool tile designs create a profound sense of depth, dimension, and character. These tiles come in unique shapes and textures that instantly make a style-worthy statement. But what about size? 

Mosaic pool tile sizes are available in an assortment of chips: 1×1, 1×2, 2×2, 3×3, and standard 6×6 inches. For easy cutting and installation, chips are mesh mounted and sold by the sheet. Sheet sizes include 7×7, 4×13, 12×13, 12×12, 11×11, 11×13, and 10×12 inches. 

A 12-inch mosaic square sheet can be cut into two halves to adorn a 6-inch waterline band around the perimeter of the pool. This way, you get two linear feet out of a single sheet. In addition, swimming pool mosaic tiles are perfect for irregular pool shapes as they can be molded to wrap curves and corners. More grout lines running through the pool floor means better traction underfoot, reducing the menace of accidents.

For extra dimension, lean to a mixed format mosaic pool tile available in glass and stone. Gray and Brown 11.8 in. x 11.8 in. Best Polished and Honed Glass and Stone Mosaic Tile is sure to make a big style statement. 

Dainty mosaic pool tile sizes, in visually stimulating shapes, bring a sense of movement and modernity to the entire pool or waterline. Many people love the look of 1×1 square glass tiles. Their shiny brilliance creates mesmerizing backyard envy guaranteed to stand the test of time. Once you’ve set eyes on your desired swimming pool glass tile, you’ll realize that bigger isn’t always better!

  • Stone-effect porcelain pool tile sizes

Looking to add nature-inspired flair to poolside lounging? It’s time to make Light Brown 4.3-in W x 13-in L Matte Porcelain Wall and Floor Tile part of your design today.

Unmatched durability plus sophisticated flair make stone-inspired porcelain pool tiles a revered choice. Perfect for spacious pools and decks, these fieldtiles emerge as frontrunners in superior performance. Porcelain is slip-, frost-, and fade-resistant—and can withstand daily wear and impact. 

Find individual stone-look fieldtiles in rectangular format that includes sizes 7×7, 4×13, 12×24, 6×24, 16×32, 18×18, and 24×24 inches. Large tile sizes create a contemporary finish with a certain lightness thanks to the minimal visual interruption of grout lines.

Where stone-look tiles are laid, relaxation becomes the keyword. They hold the authenticity and character of the material they mimic. Of course, with the added endurance of porcelain. These large tiles add a nature-inspired vibe to pool walls, coping, and surrounds. For a defined and cohesive look, stick to the same tiling material in all three areas.