Surrogacy defined

Surrogacy services taken from the Feskov reproductive clinic are excellent. Surrogacy is undoubtedly a blessing for any couple living in different countries. However, surrogacy is official in some countries like Ukraine, the Netherlands, the USA, and many more. While in some countries, there are no laws regarding leihmutterschaft (surrogate motherhood). Also, there are some countries where surrogacy is not allowed on a commercial basis.

Surrogate mother price

The cost of the surrogate mother varies from country to country and state to state. However, if you choose a surrogate from friends or family, they will indeed not charge a single penny from you. But surrogacy on a commercial basis will require a specific amount.

Surrogate mothers in countries like Ukraine charge a meager amount, twice as low as countries like the USA. The procedure is quite simple and high quality. Since Ukraine is the hub of surrogacy, many couples from different European countries opt for it and have firm faith in the staff at feskov reproductive clinic.

Surrogacy in Germany

Ukraine welcomes couples from surrogate mother in Germany who wish to have biological children through surrogacy. Moreover, the service is undoubtedly available for all the single women of Germany who are willing to have a child under certain conditions. However, the legislation in Ukraine has some genuine concerns for people who want to have a child and eradicate all the loneliness of their lives.

However, if the customers think they were not given the required services, they can look for additional services. Following are the services that customers from Germany can get if they opt for surrogacy from Feskov reproductive clinic:

  • Economical
  • Comfort
  • VIP
  • Advanced VIP
  • DeLuxe

If the customers choose the services mentioned above, they will surely get good results with a healthy embryo creation. Also, there is an option available for couples, and they can choose the gender of their future child by selecting the VIP or advanced VIP services.

Surrogacy Services

Feskov reproductive clinic strives to give all the necessary services needed by the customers. Not only that, they ensure complete guidance. Moreover, the team at feskov makes sure that the customers have all the necessary information they deserve.

Legal support

Feskov fertility clinic also ensures legal support to its customers. It’s not only that the process matters, but legal support is also crucial. Feskov clinic provides travel documents for the newborn, so no issues are traveling back to the couple’s home country.

The Feskov reproductive clinic is responsible for preparing all the necessary documents for you, while what you need to do is to submit the documents to the embassy.

There is no hassle of paperwork for the parents, who can spend the entire time taking care of their newborn.


Surrogacy is a unique blessing that helps many couples become parents. These couples can now have a biological child through surrogacy. Couples can surely opt for the process when they cannot conceive independently or certain medical conditions do not allow them to conceive a child. However, the next option they are left with is surrogacy. Surrogate mothers in Germany go through a strict process before getting pregnant.