The special day is nearly upon us, but you’re still looking for the perfect gift idea for your gun-loving friend? ar 10 lower It seems not an easy task, especially if you don’t understand much about this special interest. There’s no need to hurry, as we have compiled a list of 15 unique gifts for gun lovers that are sure to please any gun owner. Are you ready?

Unique Gifts For Gun Lovers

If you think gifts for gun lovers always center around guns and ammo, our list below will completely change your mind!

  1. Concealed Gun Storage Bible

On behalf of the Father, the Gun, and also the Holy Smokes, a gun enthusiast is granted immunity from the sin of hiding his pistol in this concealed gun storage Bible. The gift is perfect for those who want to keep their firearm hidden without arousing suspicion. It looks like a regular bible and comes with a hollowed-out center designed to house a 6.6″x4.8″ gun!
  1. Gun Shaped Lighter

Surely this small gun-shaped lighter will satisfy your picky man! Just aim and fire, then he can get a small but powerful flame. This unique lighter runs on butane and will light what he needs lit. There’s also a variety of models and sizes so that you can choose from to best suit his handgun aesthetic!

  1. Smart Gun Lock

With this smart gun lock, now your man can rest easy knowing that his kids’ playtime with the gun is as safe and secure as it could possibly be. Only a RAPIDial code will release the lock, so there’s virtually no way for them to access it without his help.

  1. Antique Gun Patent Print

These antique gun prints will dress up the walls of his man cave or gun room! Printed on archival quality heavyweight cardstock, the set features six different firearms in a vintage illustration style. They also come in five colors for you to choose from.

  1. Gun Lover Docking Station

Is your man a forgetful person? If so, this handmade wooden docking station should be your first choice ever! The gun lover docking station features an American flag and fits all his valuables. Surely he will never lose or forget where he put his keys again!

  1. Anatomy Of A Pew Mug

With this Anatomy of a Pew Mug, he may sip his coffee while studying biological ammunition! The mug depicts every component of a bullet, from the bang button to the metal holdy thing, magical fire dust, and freedom seed! We bet he will break into laughter when seeing this gift!
  1. Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit

This Wild Shot Deluxe Gun Cleaning Kit will take his gun cleaning to the next level. Inside a giant bullet is an all-inclusive set that includes mops, brushes, cleaning patches. These cleaning tools can help him care for many different calibers of weapons!
  1. Personalized Hidden Storage Box

What about a personalized hidden storage box? With a dimension of 11”x11”x2.25”, this handmade pine box can fit a pistol (or gun of that size). Your man can mount this secret storage box to the wall, too!

  1. Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

The Universal Gun Cleaning Kit has over 50 different tools and accessories to service any caliber of weapon. It also comes equipped with a cleaning mat, so he can protect the surfaces on both guns and furniture while working on them. With this all-in-one case, he now can take all the gun cleaning essentials anywhere!

  1. Gun Cylinder Pen Holder & Paper Weight

Get the awesome pen holder and paperweight that’ll have his colleagues wondering if he’s packing heat! The slick silver design makes it feel like you’re wielding a weapon of mass composition, and the six chambers keep things safely contained until they make their way onto the page!

  1. Bullet Peg Game

Old but gold! The Bullet Peg Game is sure to provide hours of entertainment with its 14 polished casings from 223 bullets that are used for pegging. They are handmade out of birch wood before being stained a deep brown color. This unique toy would make the perfect gift for any playtime enthusiast!
  1. Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat

This Distressed Flag Gun Cleaning Mat can add a little extra American spirit into his next gun cleaning session. The mat is printed with the Second Amendment and designed like an old, weathered flag for some real style points. It comes in two sizes, 28″x16″ for large guns and 11″x17″ for smaller ones.

  1. Dragon Belly Band Holster For Any

This dragon belly band holster from Dinosaurized will be a perfect combination of mobility and protection for your man! It’s designed to solve the most common problems that a gun owner can have. With this dragon belly, he can easily draw his handgun to a ready position – whether standing or sitting, he’s still 100% prepared!
  1. Indoor Shooting Range App

There will be times your man can’t go to the shooting range, but this shooting range can bring a simulated experience to him even at home. Thanks to dry fire shooting, the laser device gives users better target tracking and less noise. This app is compatible with smartphones and weapons of choice.

  1. Wooden Revolver Puzzle

Ask your man to take apart his favorite gun and put it back together first! Then challenge him to solve 109 pieces of this Wooden Revolver Puzzle in the same amount of time! Sounds interesting, right? Give him the chance to test his skills with this easy-to-assemble puzzle that requires no glue or adhesives. We’re sure you guys will have fun together!


We hope that our 15 unique gifts for gun lovers have given you some inspiration and maybe even a few ideas for your own shopping list. Keep in mind that no matter what kind of gifts you decide to buy your man, they should appreciate it and love spending time with them as well! 

Which one do you think is the best option? Let us know in the comment section below!