Be careful not to get too excited. Surfus Waterproof Hoverboard refers to it in surface, and not like surf. The board is not in any way waterproof. If you decide to put it in water, all it will be able to do is sink. It’s not a complaint neither. Many brands are focused on creating “all-terrain” or IP-rated hoverboards when most users want something to get around town with. Californian manufacturer Surfus has created their hoverboards with safety, quality of construction and durability in their minds. These are street-style skaters, in all senses the word. We’re taking the top of the line S-series for a spin and will check out how it does.


It is often possible to get a sense of an organization by looking at its most affordable products. This helps you determine what their standards are, should they have any. The S-series is a lower cost balancer that can handle weights of up to 220lbs. The wheels measure 6.5 inches in diameter and reach speeds of 6.2 per minute straight out. The one thing that makes the S-series make itself distinct is in its riding time. You can go for as long as 12 miles. It’s 3-4 miles more than competitors. The S series may not be as quick as the other models, but it’s more durable than the competition.

From the moment you open it, The S-series has a good feel. It’s got an excellent mass to it, and there are no rattles or rumbling parts. The clearance for the ground at 30mm isn’t the greatest. It is due to the use of 6.5 inches wheels, which could cause problems if you come across any rocks or gravel fragments. It is made worse due to the wheel, made of hollow rubber that is not filled with air. These aren’t significant issues and shouldn’t cause any problems in cycling on smooth pavements or inside..

The Surfus S-series features a low top speed and an insufficient rider capacity, making it a toy for children and not a commuter device. Apart from the restricted speeds, the surfers have spent a lot of energy on the safety of riders. The board has also passed an extensive safety test to obtain the UL22772 certification, which means no risk of fire hazards.

It weighs 22lbs which is slightly more than the majority of boards on the market. The additional mass makes it more stable when in use and also easy to control. I also love the spacious feet mats that work well with one another and with no unwanted vibration. There are a few LED lights that are incorporated on the top, which is always pleasant.

This is a new product, so there’s no method of determining how it will perform in the long run. The product feels fantastic; however, one way to determine this is with one day per day. One thing to be aware of is that Surfus does not offer any warranty for the product. If you’re purchasing it on the internet, you should try to find a seller who offers an insurance policy.

Surfus S-Series Hoverboard User Review


The stable and steady board that’s simple to enjoy

If you judge it by its quality, weight, and appearance, this appears to be a well-made product.

The Surfus S-Series Hoverboard cost makes it a desirable option.

The effectiveness of the ride time of 12 miles for each cost is awe-inspiring on an inexpensive product such as this one.

The controls are coupled to your engines, which means that they won’t shake or “shudder” if you’re a bit off balance.

The weaknesses

For some, for some people, the 6.2 miles per hour top speed isn’t enough. If this is the case, Surfus can offer higher-performance models for a bit more amount of money.
The plastic shell on the outside is likely to scratch easily
The combination of tiny hard wheels and low ground clearance creates an exceptionally smooth ride.


Dimensions: 7 x 7.28 x 23 inches

Weight: 22 pounds

Wheels type: 6.5 inches

Weight Capacity: 220 pounds

Motor: Dual 250W motors

Miles per charge: 12 miles

Maximum Speed: 6.2 miles per hour

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Charging Time: 2-3 Hours

Available Colors: Black, Red, Blue, White