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Are you aware of NFTs that are available on the market? You are interested in the idea of minting and trading NFTs? Are you seeking details about the NFTs’s new market and the related questions? If your answer to this query to your question is “YES,” then you are in the right place. Follow the steps below for the information you require.

Our topic for today’s our discussion will be Surfshark NFT which has already generated a buzz among people in the Philippines. Let’s follow-up with a thorough discussion to Surf Shark Society. Surf Shark Society.

About NFTs

NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens. They are a type of digital currency that comes with unique metadata and codes. It is built on Blockchain technology. They are distinct from fungible tokens such as cryptocurrency that are comparable to and the other.

One cryptocurrency can be exchanged for the other one, but when you use the NFT it is only possible to trade it using that specific NFT and that’s why it is known as non-fungible in nature.

Today, trading using NFTs is secure thanks to the features mentioned above. A lot of real estate, gaming health, as well as other platforms use NFTs.

Surfshark NFT

Surf Shark Society is one of the fastest growing NFT groups within the Philippines. They have announced that they will be launching public minting for 3 March 2022. The day of presale was 1 March 2022.

Surf Sharks Society is based on a collection of 3333 exclusive Shark NFTs. The NFTs can be digitally collected via the Solana network.

The goal for the NFT is to build an intimate community of leaders in the field of modern technology. The vision is to create a an international network of disruptors within their particular domains.

The following perks are available to the members of the community:

  • Through this NFT owners have access to an elite Crypto Community (Shark Shack).
  • The first entry point to the game of blockchain that uses personal set of crypto as rewards.

Features of Surfshark NFT Based Fantasy Player

  • Background: wavy_black, wavy_cyan, wavy_hippieblue, wavy_faux_bananayellow, wavy_orange, and wavy_cream
  • Shark: GreyShark, BlueShark, SkeletalShark, MechShark_V2, BattleScarredShark_V2, BattleShark_V2, Peach Shark
  • Shirt: Sailor_Shirt, Pirate_Top, Phoenix_suit, Hawaiian_outfit, Superman_suit, Deadpool_suit, Jett_Suit, SquidGameShark_456_outfit, Basketball_jersey, and many more.
  • Headgear: Karate_headband, Batman_mask, SunGlasses, ItadoriYuji_Hair+SakunaTatoos, Nightwing_mask, Flash_mask, Cult_hat, and many more.
  • Accessories: Aang_staff, Loki_scepter, Aang_arrows, ScarletWitch_ChaosMagic, GoldChain, BruceLee_nunchucks, Deku_cowl, LabScientist_vial, and many more

This is, in essence, about the most important aspects or takeaways from this NFT.

Current Issues Associated With Surfshark NFT

The details of the founder and team information is not accessible through the society’s official website. According to their Twitter account the society’s tweets have stated, “I want to let everyone know that the founders are present. Unfortunately, just after the mint’s launch the blockchain developer of our project has quit our project and pulled out of the public mint’s Treasury. We are aware of your disappointment and take all responsibility for the situation. We apologize.”

It also indicates that at present their blockchain is in limbo as the developer has decided to stop working on the project. In addition, the society has also announced a total refund.

Customers are displeased with this and one wrote to them asking for a refund of the presales. One customer was unhappy and wrote about the loss of trust.

The Final Verdict

Surfshark The NFT is a tough project. At present the project run by the Surfshark Society is in limbo because of the reasons mentioned earlier. The official website is also down currently. Be cautious when buying it on your own free will.

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