Are you also a die-hard pet lover? Are you worried about the extinction of different animal breeds? Have you traveled to zoos to see nature’s beautiful gift, animals?

Surabaya Zoo is the right place to do research or connect with nature and species. People all over the world, especially in the United States and Great Britain, visit her to cultivate the most beautiful place.

Today, in this article, we will tell you some amazing facts about Surabaya Zoo and share some Surabaya Zoo reviews with you.

A few words about Surabaya Zoo

It is a 15 hectare zoo located in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia. It was opened on August 31, 1916 by the Governor General of the East Indies in memory of H.F.K Kommer, who loved and collected animals.

Almost 3,500 animals and about 200 species varieties live on the site. It is home to many endangered species, mainly found in Indonesia.

The zoo was trapped in a lot of controversy that could even allow the zoo to be closed. You can find reviews of the Surabaya Zoo on the Internet.

What are some interesting facts about Surabaya Zoo?

Here are some interesting zoo facts you should know:

• It is regarded as the largest zoo in Southeast Asia.

• It is the most historical and oldest place in Surabaya.

• The most astonishing fact is that the zoo is centrally located in the heart of Surabaya, easily accessible to all visitors.

• Offers its visitors six educational and 14 recreational activities to make their experience an iconic one.

• It also offers amazing scenic spots where you can capture yourself.

In the following discussion, you will learn about the reviews of Surabaya Zoo.

Will Surabaya Zoo be closed?

One activist group, such as the Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN), filed a complaint and described the zoo as an “Indonesian zoo of death” for mistreatment and brutal behavior towards animals.

It was argued that the animals were forced to live in dirty and tight cages. Maximum number of animals suffer from malnutrition, mistreatment and other health problems.

Due to the significant deaths at the zoo, the petition to close the zoo is increasingly being sent over the internet and is of great interest to most people.

What reviews are there for Surabaya Zoo?

After thorough research, we received several mixed reviews about Surabaya Zoo. Few visitors rated the zoo all five stars because of its strategic location, larger space and interesting recreational activities.

On the other hand, few visitors rated this place as the most terrible due to bad treatment and bad behavior towards animals. They even launched a petition over the Internet that the zoo would be closed.

Final verdict

The zoo is a place that brings you much closer to nature and other species that may become extinct, but these places receive due attention and importance. According to the Surabaya Zoo reviews, this zoo is not even safe for animals.

Have you ever wondered how zoo animals are treated? Please leave your comments in the comments section below.