There is a $397 check for all Illinois Facebook users. This is due to the resolution of a Facebook dispute. This amount is now being received by the United States. This check is for the alleged violation that Facebook committed against the Illinois Privacy Act. Now, let’s see how to get Facebook Settlement. This article would cover the subject in detail.

Settlement Eligibility:

To be eligible for the settlement, a beneficiary must have lived in the State for at least183 days. The person must be the one who Facebook created a facial identification template for. Illinois citizens are likely to receive anywhere from $200 to $400. People are eagerly awaiting their rollout. All members will receive their payments in two weeks.

Facebook Settlement Deadline 2022 Facebook is paying checks to the people of Illinois.

According to the above eligibility, any person could be the victim of a Facebook check as a sanction for violating the privacy law. Facebook violated Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act. The tech-giant stored citizens’ personal data in its database. This is not permissible under the Illinois Biometric Privacy Act.

The Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (2008), passed by the state legislature, stipulates that no entity is allowed to collect biometric data about citizens. Facebook however introduced Tag Suggestions to provide people with information that was in direct violation of the law.

Facebook now needs to give the Facebook Settlement to every individual. A court in Illinois ordered Facebook to give these checks to the class members. According to reports now, the rollout is underway. Illinois residents can expect their check in the coming month.

Case Details:

According to the prosecution, the Facebook database was accused of specifically violating the law by creating face templates that are used to select individuals on social media based upon their biometric traits. Facebook clearly denied all of these allegations. Hope, now How can I get Facebook Settlement

Although the tech giant was not pleased with the outcome, it won. The applicant also stated that it would discontinue facial recognition operations completely in 2021. The court was not convinced by this argument. All Facebook users who have created a Face Template in Illinois between 2011 and now are eligible to receive a check.


After Facebook starts to pay the penalty for violating the Illinois Biometric Information Privacy Act (ILBIPA), the Illinois people will receive $397. The court has given How To Get Facebook Settlement the money to each individual whose facial recognised data was kept with them.