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What was your favorite at the Winter Olympics?

On the Yanqing National Alpine Skiing Centre Austria’s Matthias Mayer managed to defend his Olympic super-G crown, winning gold with a time of 1:19.94.

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde, a strong pre-race favorite who placed with a 13th place finish in the Super-G event in Sochi and Pyeongchang and won his first Olympic medal by running a time of 1:20.36 to win bronze.

Ryan Cochran-Siegle from Ryan Cochran-Siegle of the U. S. won silver after completing 0.04 seconds faster than Mayer (1:19.98) in only his second Olympic Games.

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What are Super G Olympics 2022 Results?

Matthias Mayer defeats his Super-G title to claim his third gold. Aleksander Aamodt Kilde is awarded bronze in 2022’s Winter Olympics.

Also the winner of the downhill gold at Sochi 2014. Matthias Mayer, was returning to PyeongChang for the 20th consecutive time.

After a rough start , which was characterized by skis submerged in snow The Austrian discovered his true speed on the last stretch of the course and took home his 3rd Gold medal in the season following an exhausting run.

Have you seen Alexis Pinturault get or take home any awards?

The winner of two bronze medals, Alexis Pinturault, combined with a silver medal in Alpine in the Super G Olympics 2022 Results and the 2018’s PyeongChang as well as Sochi 2014’s massive Slalom and was off to a quick start.

He was determined and managed to have an easy race on the rougher part, though his overall pace could have been a bit better in the end, as he was ranked in ninth.

The seventh racer Kilde overtook the racer. After the first turn Kilde Norwegian was quick and aggressive. He made every turn and leap, coming to the top in an entire second.

When he crossed the finish line, the 29 year-old shouted, “Let’s go!” to the cameras.

Who was the winner of the number 9 position?

Are you looking for about Super G Olympics 2022 Results? Marco Odermatt from Switzerland had an uneasy start to the number nine bib , and was thrown down in the first day of his winter Olympics appearance. At the end of the day the 24-year-old was clearly angered.

Adrian Smiseth Sejersted was noticeably thrilled when his run brought him what was enough to earn him silver.

Kide first thanked his fellow countrymen but he ended up finishing fourth. Mayer’s skis fell from the start which caused him to have a poor start.

The Austrian was affected by the distractions, and began making mistakes, but his determination paid off winning gold by 4 tenths an inch on the final straight.


In the Super G Olympics 2022 Results, Matthias Mayer won the gold medal, but his skis fell off the first time.

Olympics were always an important draw for athletes from all over the world. This year was no exception. The Winter Olympics in February 2022 attracted the attention of many people.